Favorable conditions for expanding the Iranian goods market

A member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce believes that if the internal requirements of the manufacturing boom are formed, industrial units have a significant potential to increase job opportunities.

The nature and capital of the two mining conditions

Member of Parliament's Committee on Industries and Mines: Unfortunately today, small mines sometimes face widespread obstacles because of the lack of knowledgeable hands. It turns out that someone has identified the mineral but doesn't even know how to extract the material.

Open the stone knot

Secretary of the Iranian Stone Association: Unfortunately, the activists in the field of stone are incurring a lot of expenses, including the high costs that can be attributed to the unnecessary increase - up to eight times - of the transportation costs of the activists in this sector this year.

Production wants protection, not slogans

As the exchange rate rises, commodity and commodity prices also follow an upward trend, and if the producer does not want to raise its commodity rate, it must produce at the lowest profit margin.

Production of heavy tires in Ardabil province

At the same time with the presence of our President Dr. Hassan Rouhani and the Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce Reza Rahmani, two large industrial projects are being launched in Ardabil province.

Provision of mortgages to deprived housing

Minister of Roads and Urban Development: Providing loans and grants is one of our policies to provide housing for the first three decades.

Four thousand seven hundred and ninety billion riyals of industrial and mineral investment in neighborhoods was realized

Head of the Department of Industry, Mining and Commerce of Mahallat City: Four thousand seven hundred and ninety billion riyals of industrial investment were achieved this year in the city which is a hundred percent increase over the same period last year.

Provide one dollar of the country's revenue by mining

The head of the board of directors of Imidro said that such a phenomenon was created in cooperation with the governing body, the companies and the central bank.

The Necessity of Developing Processes in Mines of West Azerbaijan

The representative of the people of Urmia in the Majlis emphasized the need to create downstream industries in the province's mines.

The building industry does not need to import stone

A member of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce said that the sanctions could not prevent the export of building materials, saying: "The building industry does not need to import building stones.

We are not against exports, we are against raw materials

The Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade said that export promotion policy is being pursued as a serious agenda.

Amend the VAT law

Deputy Governor of Tehran: I told some delegates that half of you would not qualify, so please do something for the people and amend the VAT law.

$ 100 billion export potential

The head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, saying that neighboring countries import thousands of dollars worth of goods annually, said: "So we have the potential to export 100 billion dollars.

Heavy Installments; Achilles Heel Government Housing Plan

Although officials say the National Housing Plan is targeting four to seven community deciles, the residual income of these deciles does not cover the bulk of the plan and they can rarely afford it.

Cumbersome rules hinder the growth of the mine

Member of the Board of Mines of Iran: In fact, the licenses that one must first obtain to obtain an operating license sometimes take about four years.

Presentation of "Export Development Staff" Plan

Deputy Minister of Industry in Commerce: The draft of the "Export Promotion Staff" with the authority of Article Twenty-Seven Constitutions has been submitted to the First Vice President.

Export of Iranian masonry stone to five countries

"Currently, Iranian stone exports to Qatar, Turkey, India, China and Iraq are currently being exported," said one construction activist, pointing out that the laws of creation apply to the mine sector of irreparable damage.

Two measures needed for export development

"The export guarantee fund does not cover all exporters' risks in the current situation," said one economic activist, pointing out that the first step in export development was resolving banking relations with the world.

The 12th Iraqi Erbil Building Exhibition

The 12th Iraq International Erbil Building Exhibition will take place from March 6th to March 9th.

Italy pressures to launch financial channel with Iran

Member of the Board of Directors of the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce: There is a great deal of pressure from the Italian private sector to increase the economic link between the two countries by launching a financial channel. The economic situation of the Italian government is such that it cannot ignore the attractive Iranian market.

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