2,789 production units owned by 16 banks

Deputy Head of Production Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers to Production: According to the announcement of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, 2,789 production units were acquired by 16 banks by the end of December last year.

Allocation of 200 billion tomans of budget for activating small mines infrastructure

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Imidro: This year, 200 billion budget from government salaries will be allocated to the infrastructure sector to activate small mines.

Eliminate the added value of issuing guarantees and export insurance policies

Referring to the provision of $ 3.6 billion in insurance and guarantee services last year, the CEO of the Export Guarantee Fund announced the agreement of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Guardian Council to eliminate 9% of the added value of obtaining insurance and guarantees for exporters.

Lifting sanctions is not to the detriment of domestic production

An expert in the field of work: In the discussion of importing from abroad, instead of being dependent on foreign products and only importing TVs and home appliances, we should import their technical knowledge and rely on this knowledge to strengthen domestic production.

Efforts to open a business office between Iran and Singapore

Chairman of the Iran-Singapore Joint Trade Committee: In recent years, the trade balance between the two countries has been largely in favor of Singapore, and in recent years, Iran's exports to Singapore in non-oil items have been limited to a small amount of nuts, pistachios, figs and dates. Is.

Investment in Ilam industrial projects increased by 295%

Deputy Minister of Industry Affairs of Ilam Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: The amount of investment in industrial projects in this province has increased by 295% during the last year compared to the previous year.

Issuing directives to create the hour of export disaster

Chairman of the Export Development Faction of the Islamic Consultative Assembly: Issuing directives to create the hour is one of the problems of exports. These directives do not give the opportunity to react to exporters.

Law on interest-free banking 39 years without amendment

Former Governor of the Central Bank: The rules and regulations in the banking system have not been implemented properly, the supervision department of banks should be changed and adapted to the current conditions.

Amendment of Article 3 of the criteria for the establishment of industrial and mining production units

In order to facilitate the licensing process of production units, with the follow-up of the Ministry of Industry and the support of the Board of Deregulation and Improvement of Business Environment, the Environmental Protection Organization was obliged to amend Article 3 of the rules for establishing industrial and mining production units.

15 stagnant mines will be activated in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

Head of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: 15 stagnant mines in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari will be activated this year.

We are pursuing non-oil exports of $ 250 billion

Deputy Minister of Industry for Trade: One of the necessities of the country's economy is the development of non-oil exports and having a productive economy, and this is at the top of the country's activities.

The first rank of mineral diversity in the country is still from Yazd province

Head of Yazd Province Industry Organization: For many years, Yazd has been ranked first in the field of mineral diversity, and this rank is still from that province of Yazd, despite the expansion of explorations in other provinces.

Efforts of the Ministry of Industry in removing obstacles in the field of exports

Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade: In order to fulfill the slogan of the year, the Ministry of Industry has developed a proposed package at three levels: the Ministry, the Government and the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Mining in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad tripled

Head of Industry, Mining and Trade Organization Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad: The amount of extraction from the province's mines last year compared to 1392 has tripled to 2,739 tons.

One thousand billion tomans of export incentives was approved

The head of the Trade Development Organization of Iran announced at the symposium of the country's export development programs the approval of one thousand billion tomans for export incentives in this year's budget.

The role of production in export development

The head of the Program, Budget and Accounts Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, referring to the influence of governments in various economic fields, considered it necessary to pay attention to the localization of industries and the ability of the country's products to compete in the field of production.

The main problem of foreign trade in the country is the conflict of interests

Economist: Conflict of interest is the main reason for this lack of planning. In other countries, they start planning at the beginning of the year and determine the amount of production and consumption. In the end, the amount of deficits is provided through imports, but this export pattern does not exist in our country.

The budget of the infrastructure sector was increased with the aim of activating small mines

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade and Chairman of Imidro Executive Board, considered infrastructure development as one of the most important factors in the revitalization and activation of small mines and announced an increase in the budget in this sector.

Iranian banking officials emphasize the definitive lifting of banking sanctions and the receipt of guarantees during the negotiations

"Central Bank of Iran officials are directly involved in negotiations to lift banking sanctions to ensure that they are real and tangible," Bloomberg reported.

The statute of the Small Industries Organization is amended

The Ministry of Industry submitted a proposal to the government to amend the statutes of the Small Industries and Industrial Towns Organization of Iran for the review and approval process.

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