Types of building stones

Stones can be considered as the best materials for use in a unique building in every way because they are dense, strong and harmonious masses of one or more minerals and have a high color diversity that are naturally placed together and durable. And it has very high strength and durability.

96 industrial exploitation licenses were issued in Yazd

The head of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Yazd province announced the issuance of 96 industrial exploitation licenses in Yazd province in the first quarter of this year.

The role of sunglasses and golden signatures in the secret assignments of mines

The transfer of exploitation of 6,000 mines is not new; Government officials also acknowledge that the program has been implemented by the Ministry of Industry in various provinces over the past three decades, but the program these days is completely different from the past in terms of the extent of the transfer and even the change in the criteria for entering the auction.

More investment is needed in Kazerun mining industry

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of Fars Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: ‌ Considering the capacities and capabilities of Kazerun city, it is necessary to invest more in the development of mineral resources.

The founder of modern stone cutting in Iran has died

The founder of modern stone cutting in Iran died at the age of 92 in Tehran.

The country's commercial environment needs news of global understanding

Chairman of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce: It is necessary to pay attention to the balance in the development of political relations, so that economic development occurs in all dimensions of the West and East and we do not have to spend more than the people, resulting in economic recession will not be. These are the expectations that come from the government and we hope that a rational policy will be adopted.

There are 53 rich and active mines in Ilam province

Deputy Minister of Economic Affairs of Ilam Governorate: There are currently 53 rich and active mines in Ilam Province.

The benefits of handing over the mines will be for the next government

Head of the President's Office: The benefits of mining will be for the next government, and all this will be done transparently and openly in this government, and there will be no secrecy.

What are Iran's blocked resources in Korea and Japan? / Possibility of importing equipment and machinery

Iran's blocked resources, which are likely to be released with a 90-day extension of the sanctions waiver, are estimated at about $ 25 billion, according to some informed sources.

800 days promised on Nehbandan-Shahdad road / the voice of miners

The road from Nehbandan to Shahdad is still closed after 800 days, and despite numerous promises by officials, no operational action has been taken to reopen this axis.

North Khorasan mines waiting for next government / huge but unused capacity

North Khorasan is one of the provinces with high capacity in the field of mines, but this prominent capacity is now unused, so the people of the province expect the future government to fix this situation.

Increase cooperation between Iranian and Russian businessmen / remove barriers to trade relations

The Deputy Minister and Chairman of the Trade Development Organization of Iran, in a meeting of members of the Chamber of Commerce and a group of businessmen from the Russian TVER province, emphasized on increasing cooperation with this province and its counterparts and removing obstacles to developing trade relations.

Strong presence of export organizations in Dubai Expo 2020

The head of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce announced plans for a strong presence of export organizations at the Dubai Expo 2020.

207 mining licenses were activated last year in Semnan province

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Semnan Province, referring to the issuance of 207 mining licenses in the province last year, said: 16% of all mines in the province are inactive.

Registration for the 13th exhibition begins

The 13th International Iranian Stone Exhibition will be held on October 12-15 in Mahallat city - Nimvar city.

The story of a philanthropist who became the honorary Saqqa of Isfahan

Managing Director of Isfahan Water and Wastewater Authority: Mr. Abbas Karbalaei was named the honorary saqqa of Isfahan province in order to provide sustainable drinking water to the people of Leibid.

Invitation of the President-elect of Iran Hojjat-ul-Islam and Muslims Seyed Ibrahim Raisi

The Board of Directors of the International Iranian Stone Exhibition invited the President-elect of Iran, Hojjatoleslam and Muslims, Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi, to attend the opening ceremony of the 13th International Iranian Stone Exhibition.

Poster of the 13th International Iranian Stone Exhibition

Poster of the 13th International Iranian Stone Exhibition

Eliminate the added value of issuing guarantees and export insurance policies

Referring to the provision of $ 3.6 billion in insurance and guarantee services last year, the CEO of the Export Guarantee Fund announced the agreement of the Islamic Consultative Assembly and the Guardian Council to eliminate 9% of the added value of obtaining insurance and guarantees for exporters.

2,789 production units owned by 16 banks

Deputy Head of Production Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers to Production: According to the announcement of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, 2,789 production units were acquired by 16 banks by the end of December last year.

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