Assignment of small active mines in the form of sets

Managing Director of Iran Minerals Production and Production Company: The transfer of small active mines to companies and the private sector will be done in the form of ten or more complexes.

The share of the Housing Foundation in the National Action Plan is increasing

Spokesman of the Civil Engineering Commission of the Majles: In the current situation, the share of the Housing Foundation in the national production plan was about two hundred thousand rural houses, which it was decided to increase the share of the foundation in this field of production to about four hundred thousand housing units.

A state-owned bank has shut down four hundred and eighty-six production units

Secretary of the National Working Group on Facilitating and Removing Barriers to Production: Banks should play a better role in the country's production. Unfortunately, only one state-owned bank has owned and closed four hundred and eighty-six production units in the country alone.

Fourteen percent growth in trade between Iran and the Eurasian Union

Deputy Minister of Industry: Trade between Iran and the Eurasian Union has grown by 14% since the beginning of the implementation of the interim agreement to establish a free trade zone by the end of June.

The mines with the exploitation license of West Azerbaijan reached four hundred and eighty-five cases

Head of the Mining Industry and Trade Organization of West Azerbaijan: Last year, the volume of investment in the mining sector of the province increased by forty-seven percent.

Housing supply should increase

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines: The issue of tax on vacant houses in the 11th parliament is also on the agenda to implement this plan to create a source of income for the government and reduce prices in the housing market by offering these units.

Delivery of land for the construction of fifty-two thousand national housing units

Chairman of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution: The Housing Foundation has handed over new grounds for the construction of fifty-two thousand residential units in the National Housing Project and has started the construction of six thousand residential units in different provinces.

The law remained on the ground / Elimination of the bad effect of the check by forging the identity of the returned check holder!

The new Czech law, passed in 1397, provided heavy penalties for exporters of returned checks, thus eliminating the ill effects of returned checks, creating a hot market for the mafia.

Tax rates on vacant homes are rising

Deputy Chairman of the Economic Commission of the Majles: Draft amendment to Article 54 of the Law on Direct Taxes, one of the features of the plan is to increase the tax rate on vacant houses, so that the houses are vacant by the owners to the market. Be injected.

Decorative stone mines were not closed at the request of government officials

Director General of the Office of Mining Supervision of the Ministry of Industry: No decorative stone mine in the country has been shut down simply because of the demand for government rights. Lack of sales market, local opposition, internal disputes between partners and lack of quality of minerals are among the closures of mines.

We need to get traders out of the housing market

Spokesman of the Economic Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly: Traders should be removed from the housing market and only those who are consumers should remain in the housing market.

Construction license in Tehran's worn-out fabric is free

In order to encourage the modernization of dysfunctional urban structures, the issuance of construction permits in the dilapidated areas of Tehran is free of charge, and in other cities an average of seventy-five percent discount is considered.

Mining machinery from Hepco

In a letter to the head of the Mining House, the head of the Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization called for the maximum use of Hepco's facilities to supply parts and repair the machinery and equipment needed by the mining sector.

Ten Iranian business advisers ready to be sent to target countries

Director General of the Trade Development Organization: By the end of this year, we will send between ten and fifteen business advisors to different countries.

Water management is more backward than mining

Director of the Department of Mining and Environment of the University of Tehran: Mining does not conflict with the preservation of the environment and water resources, provided that we avoid traditional methods. If mining is done for sustainable development and in the form of green mining, it can provide an opportunity for regional growth.

Reopening of Gonbad Stone Factory in Gonbad village

Governor of Takab: With the attraction of investment and efforts to lay the groundwork for the construction of new units and the revival of stagnant units, one hundred and fifteen real jobs have been created in recent months, which is a sign of the beginning of production jump in the city this year.

Reducing the licensing process paves the way for production leaps

Secretary of Kerman Province Mines Council: In order to fulfill the slogan of the year, ie production jump, we succeeded in reducing the process of issuing licenses in the form of a single invested window, and through this window, we followed the view of creating specialized settlements as a pilot.

Some production rules are cumbersome

South Khorasan Governor's Deputy for Economic Affairs Coordination: Some old and cumbersome rules related to the field of production have made it difficult for economic units.

Issuance of two thousand five hundred billion tomans of participation bonds in the industry and mining sector

Director General of the Investment and Financing Office of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade: Since the beginning of this year, about two thousand and five hundred billion tomans of bonds have been issued through the industry and mining sector.

Raw sales have decimated mines

Mazandaran, with about one billion tons of mineral reserves, is a treasure that has not been able to reach the desired position due to the sale of raw materials, and investing in this field and processing accelerates the leap of production in the province.

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