Financing, the solution to the miners' problem

Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines: In fact, the key to solving the problem of miners is in financing. Unfortunately, miners are having a hard time getting funding to order from local producers.

Key to mining growth in legislator's hands

Secretary of Iranian Stone Association: In the past, unfortunately, the Law on Mines and its Implementing Regulations have not been operationalized by the Department of Mining in the Ministry of Mines.

Iranian Mining Engineering Conference to be held in Birjand

The 8th Iranian Mining Engineering Conference announced the holding of the Iranian Mining Engineering Conference at Birjand University and said: "Two hundred and eighty articles have been submitted to the Secretariat.

Opening of stone factory in Nimroz city

Omid Entrepreneurship Fund Manager in Sistan and Baluchistan: On the occasion of the Fajr decade of the Islamic Revolution, the stone production and processing plant with the support of Omid Entrepreneurship Fund was launched in the province of Nimroz with the presence of Zanganeh, Deputy Governor of Economic Affairs.

The value of the country's mines is twenty-two billion dollars

Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce: The total value of the country's mines and minerals is twenty-two billion dollars.

The executive by-laws were announced to remove barriers to production

Isaac Jahangiri, executive director of Article sixty-one, annexed the Law on Removing Competitive Production Barriers and Promoting the Financial System of the State on the Establishment of a Headquarters for Facilitation and Removal of Barriers to Production.

The "finder" needs major surgery

Rahim Benamulaei: Unfortunately, inaccurate information in the Ministry of Industry's optimization system has caused braking and rising commodity prices, and this system needs major surgery.

Introducing three hundred hectares of land for cultural housing

The deputy director of housing and construction announced the introduction of some 300 hectares of land by the Ministry of Education for housing construction and said some of these lands have non-residential use.

The top of the sanctions is Iran's foreign trade

Head of WTO: Sanctions have always been at the forefront of Iran's foreign trade and business processes, as exports and imports have always been a vital vein of trade, and especially in the current environment, foreign exchange revival circulation.

Construction of stone paper production plant in Shahroud

The deputy governor and special governor of Shahrood from the limestone paper factory described it as one of the major projects and industries under construction in Shahroud province, saying: "This large industrial unit will create 1,000 jobs."

Which countries have the most talented workforce?

A survey of the labor markets of different countries shows that immigrant countries usually have a more talented workforce.

Opening of efficient stone industries in East Azerbaijan

At the same time as the Fajr era, three production units were put into operation in Shahid Salimi industrial town.

Submission of two hundred and eighty articles to Iranian Mining Engineering Conference

Assistant Professor of Birjand University Mining Engineering Department: Two hundred and eighty articles have been submitted to the Secretariat of the 8th Iranian Mining Engineering Conference at Birjand University.

Establishment of Nine Seventy Iranian Companies in Turkey

The director of the Iran-Turkey Studies and Research Center says that Iranian investors have registered about ninety-seven new companies in Turkey in the past year.

Imports of $ 300 billion over six years

One economic expert criticized the lack of infrastructure for production, saying that with economic pressures and heavy taxes on producers, producers in our country have become poor people.

The development of the stone industry goes beyond the organizational path

Head of Iran Stone Association: Today's stone industry has little to do with Italy's, China's, and India's stone industries, of course, because of Iran's backward sanctions.

We have to sell raw materials

In the process, most of the miners start selling raw materials to keep the mine afloat and able to offset their costs, even though the raw material has a detrimental effect on the country's economy. Crude is like harmful oil dependence.

Mine viability with consistent laws and directives

Vice President of Iranian Stone Association: Mining industries have a value chain that if we can't have an independent expert look at the chain and always pay attention to one of the loops, so in the long run we will face uneven development and never see productivity.

Embassies are home to exporters

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly emphasizes that the ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran make economic issues their top priority and the route of entry of Iranian goods into export target markets, especially those of the countries represented. The State Department is there to open it.

Operation of a stone factory in Sarakhs

A $ 2 million investment in manufacturing and processing of building stone was put into operation in the eighth day of the Fajr decade in the Fakhs Special Economic Zone with the presence of Governor of Khorasan Razavi.

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