More investment is needed in Kazerun mining industry

More investment is needed in Kazerun mining industry
  • 2021-07-19
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Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of Fars Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: ‌ Considering the capacities and capabilities of Kazerun city, it is necessary to invest more in the development of mineral resources.

According to the Iran International Stone Exhibition, Pejman Namdarkhani in the first meeting to review the development of capacities and investment opportunities and review strategies for using the capacities and potentials of mining and mineral industries of Kazerun city in Fars Samat Organization added: ‌ In Kazerun city, gypsum, stone reserves Carcasses, salt, etc. are provided enough that require more attention.

He stated: At present, 150 people are working directly and 60 people are indirectly working in the mines of this city.

Namdarkhani, stating that this city has good salt domes, added: "These situations have a great impact on the expansion of activities and economic prosperity of the province."

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of Fars Province Industry Organization, emphasizing the expansion of Imidro Organization (Iran Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization) in Kazerun, said: This organization has identified about 17 investment opportunities by monitoring deprived areas of the province and Provides and is expected to increase its exploration in this area in the field of mining development.

He continued by pointing out that Imidro has put the development of mines and mining industries on the agenda with three main strategies: increasing exploration operations, developing infrastructure and setting up small-scale mines: to exploit the region's reserves to make large economic investments. it is needed.

Namdar Khani stated: for mining in Kazerun city, considering the vegetation and environmental areas, the conditions of the Environment Organization have been considered and it is a basic priority.

 Kazerun is in the west of Fars and its center distance from Bashir is about 120 km.