Mine Roadmap, Priority for Government Agencies

Head of Geological Survey: The Geological Survey is obliged to monitor the country in terms of information and to try to identify areas of higher priority for exploration.

Development of private sector activity in exploration

Managing Director of Mines and Metals Investment Company: There are several companies working in the field of drilling, but our team intends to strengthen this sector and move towards accelerating exploration in the country by concentrating and integrating them.

Minor increase in land acquisition rates in industrial estates

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce and Managing Director of the Small Industries and Industrial Estates Organization of Iran: Despite the increasing costs of the organization in providing infrastructure, the increase in the rate of land acquisition rights has been attributed to investors in small industrial towns.

Mining road map with 25% acceleration compared to schedule

In order to achieve the goals of the Outlook Document, the Twelfth Government, with the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce, has envisaged seventy-two strategies and one hundred and forty-five goals to the horizon and within a year Twenty-five percent move ahead of schedule.

Possibility of opening the financial channel of Iran and the European Union

Today there is news that the financial channel called Intex will be launched between Iran and the European Union.

Appointment of Supervisor of Mining Engineering

The Deputy Minister of Mines and Minerals, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce, formerly head of Iran's Mining Engineering Organization, appointed "Taqi Nebi" as head of the organization.

Increase the exploration license and mining license

According to the latest statistics released by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce, the number of certificates of discovery in the field of mining increased by two and a half percent and operating licenses by three percent in the first ten months of this year.

The contribution of processing to the growth of mining benefits

Member of Parliament's Committee on Industries and Mines: When minerals are exported raw, job opportunities are diminished and the value added goes out and easily available to other countries.

Joint collaboration is the key to solving the water problem in the mines

Given the water supply situation in the country, and as we are in dire straits in the desert, we must recycle the water we use in the mines and factories.

Failure to join the FATF was financial suicide

"Not joining the FATF is actually a financial suicide," said a capital market expert.

Exporters' incentive packages are not executable

Head of Iran-China Chamber of Commerce: Export promotion packages have been announced in the last months of the year but have not been implemented.

Support startups for mine development

Mining Investment Fund Managing Director: The Insurance Fund has designed a formula for growing startups to get to know miners and startups. So we intend to work with startup companies to reduce the risks in the mining sector.

Why Italian Banks Block Iranian Accounts?

Secretary-General of the Iran-Italy Chamber of Commerce: Although we were restricted by US sanctions, a number of Italian banks were working with our traders in a silent light, making the FATF issue extremely difficult so that the banks would also refrain from cooperating.

FATF sanctions have a direct impact on the economy of the sanctioned countries

As far as I know, some believe that the implementation of the FATF will not affect Iran's economic situation. I disagree with this reading. The organization's sanctions have a direct impact on the economy of the sanctioned countries. This can be seen in practice. The FATF calls on its members to respect the laws they have adopted to impose sanctions on member states.

Fifty percent of industry and mining share of GDP

Directorate of Coordination of Provincial Affairs Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce: The three major sectors of industry, mining and commerce now account for half of GDP, indicating this sector's impact on the country's economy.

There is no problem exporting to Iraq

"The closure of the Mehran border is also due to a change in management and will open soon," the head of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber, emphasizing that there were no major problems with exporting Iranian goods to Iraq.

We become self-sufficient in the production of heavy tires

Minister of Industry: We have four other projects in the production of heavy tires that will be self-sufficient in the next two years. Of course, in the field of production of light passenger car tires, we are almost self-sufficient.

Geological Survey seeks to discover hidden reserves

Head of Geological Survey: This organization has changed its view of the past and we are no longer looking for surface exploration but for deep exploration and hidden deposits in the country.

The mining sector is an area for cooperation between Iran and Oman

"Today, the mining sector is considered a new field for developing cooperation between Tehran and Muscat, and is considered to promote exchanges between the two countries," said the deputy chairman of the Technical and Engineering Services and Investment Commission of the Iran-Oman Joint Chamber.

Exporters' problems increased

Chairman of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: The introduction of laws such as subjecting exporters to VAT refunds on export refunds, despite the complex and lengthy process of refunds due to international sanctions, has exacerbated exporters' problems.

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