Investment in Ilam industrial projects increased by 295%

Investment in Ilam industrial projects increased by 295%
  • 2021-05-15
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Deputy Minister of Industry Affairs of Ilam Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: The amount of investment in industrial projects in this province has increased by 295% during the last year compared to the previous year.

According to the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, Vali Baj stated: The investment made in the industrial sector of the province last year was 11 thousand and 952 billion tomans, which has increased by about 295 percent compared to the same period in 1398.

He said that Ilam province has succeeded in gaining the fourth rank in the country in the field of investment in the field of industry last year, adding: in the field of issuing exploitation licenses in the field of industry, which can be considered the same investments realized during the last year, 50 exploitation licenses have been issued for the production units of the province.

The Deputy Minister of Industry of the Industry, Mining and Trade Organization of Ilam Province, referring to the 77% growth in employment in the industrial sector, reminded: Last year, with the issuance of new exploitation licenses in the industrial sector, 563 people were employed in the province's industries.

Baj emphasized: Also in this period (last year) 25 industrial and production units in the province have returned to the production cycle.

He added: "During this year, according to the slogan of the year, ie" production, support and dismantling ", in the first step, a booklet related to the slogan of the year was designed and printed, and in the continuation of the route, the stagnant units are returned to the production cycle.

Referring to the establishment of an emergency center to study the problems of production units and investment projects, he said: "In this center, the problems of production units and investment projects in the supply of raw materials, issuance of licenses or obstacles due to overlapping laws and regulations that lead to Failure to achieve the goals set by the manufacturers has been investigated and addressed.

Ilam province has 530 industrial units with exploitation licenses.