Strong presence of export organizations in Dubai Expo 2020

Strong presence of export organizations in Dubai Expo 2020
  • 2021-07-18
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The head of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce announced plans for a strong presence of export organizations at the Dubai Expo 2020.

According to the Iran International Stone Exhibition, Farshid Farzanegan said in a meeting to explain Iran's plans for the expo, which was attended by Fada Hossein Maliki, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, and a group of economic activists at the international exhibitions: Due to its proximity to our country, the Dubai Expo is an opportunity for the Iranian economy in the second half of the year, in which it is possible not only to further develop exports, but also to use the tourism industry as a driving force after two years of severe recession.

The head of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce added: "Forecasts indicate that Dubai is planning for tens of millions of tourists to attend the expo, and this opportunity could be a great opportunity for Iran, as a country that has great potential in the field of food and agriculture exports." Be considered equal.

He stressed: "Tourism industry and tourism agencies should provide various packages of definition and preparations not only for sending Iranian tourists but also for attracting millions of foreign tourists from now on."

Farzanegan expressed hope that the new government, realizing the importance of the expo and planning properly to take advantage of the opportunities, will be able to bring the slogan of developing economic relations with the countries of the region into practice and emerge in the first months.

The head of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce also announced plans for a strong presence of export organizations in the Dubai Expo 2020 and said: Iran-UAE Chamber as the custodian of face-to-face negotiations "B2B" has corresponded with more than 250 private sector organizations so far. In the realization of the second part of the slogan of Expo Dubai, which is to build the future and develop exports, to perform its duty in the best possible way.

Referring to the welcome of organizations to this event, he added: "Export organizations, joint chambers of commerce and provincial chambers of commerce will have a strong presence in the expo and to achieve this goal, provincial chambers of commerce will introduce their best manufacturing and export companies and trade delegations." That export organizations such as the Association of Exporters of Medical Equipment and the Association of Dates and Pistachios and knowledge-based organizations will have a good opportunity to introduce and market their products.

He added: "The purpose of the private sector to attend the expo is to promote the country's exports and use the expo opportunity to grow its export position with a view to the future."

The head of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce also said that the annual turnover of the exhibition industry in the world with $ 137 billion in expenses and $ 325 billion in revenue is comparable to the position of the 56th economic power in the world.

He noted: "We have more than 32,000 international exhibitions and estimates show that more than 4.5 million companies participate in these exhibitions during the year, and only through this, 3.2 million jobs are directly created." And if the Corona crisis passes, it can be predicted that these figures will increase in the coming years.

Emphasizing that the Dubai Expo is more than just an exhibition, it presents the national culture of the countries, Farzanegan said: "The first Expo was held in London in 1851, and this time the Dubai Expo 2020 will be held, which usually seeks to present the way in the expo." The solution to a global dilemma.

He added: "For example, the Japan Expo with the slogan of micro-nature, the Shanghai exhibition with the slogan of a better city, a better life, the Milan exhibition with the slogan of nourishing the earth, energy for life, and at the Dubai Expo with the theme of connecting ideas, building the future of each." They are the solution to the challenge of World Day.

He said that the expo is also called the Olympics of Nations Culture, adding: "Considering the naming of the Dubai Expo, Iran can with a careful planning and within six months of holding the expo on the one hand by presenting its rich culture in the field of transplantation." To better introduce the thoughts of Iran and Iranians to the world, and on the other hand, with the activation of the trade sector, the pavilion space will take greater steps towards the development of exports and the expansion of trade exchanges.

The head of the Iran-UAE Chamber, stating that the forecasts indicate that 25 to 40 million visitors will visit the expo, said: "This event will be held from October 1400 to April 1401." Dubai has spent $ 42 billion on the event, and despite the corona, efforts have been made to ensure a safe haven for visitors. For example, it has so far promised to vaccinate caretakers and staff at pavilions in various countries and is even planning to vaccinate visitors. are.

Farzanegan also said about Iran's presence in the expo: "About 8 to 9 million dollars have been allocated for Iran's presence in the expo, of which about 10 percent has been allocated for the construction of the Iranian pavilion."

The head of the Iran-UAE Chamber continued: "Efforts have been made to display signs of Iranian culture and history in this section, and Iranian companies should be prepared to cooperate with international companies in the world by promoting their products and infrastructure." The Iranian section will be officially delivered in August, and with the presence of officials from the Ministry of Silence, private sector activists and chambers of commerce, our section will definitely be one of the most important and best sections among all the countries participating in the Expo.

He pointed out that the Expo exhibition is designed on a 438-hectare site and twice the size of the Expo Milan exhibition, adding: "The exhibition is divided into three sections based on the three sub-topics of opportunity, mobility and sustainability. The Iranian pavilion is in an independent environment. There is mobility.