2,789 production units owned by 16 banks

2,789 production units owned by 16 banks
  • 2021-05-15
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Deputy Head of Production Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers to Production: According to the announcement of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, 2,789 production units were acquired by 16 banks by the end of December last year.

According to the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, Babak Dinparast, on the sidelines of the fourteenth meeting of the Production Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers Headquarters, told reporters: "Of these, 2,789 units and 1,761 production units are still owned by these banks." Of this number of acquired production units, 237 units have been transferred and 699 units have been included in the list of assigned units. The country's three largest banks own 970, 674 and 338 production units, respectively, and if they do not cooperate to return these units to the production cycle, the names of the banks will be announced. Out of 32 banks and non-bank credit institutions, 16 banks and institutions did not own any production units until the end of December.

He continued by stating that according to the Central Bank, most of the units acquired by the banks were inactive at the time of acquisition: with the follow-up and good action of the Central Bank, especially the Monetary and Credit Council, instructions on how to transfer surplus property of credit institutions were announced on 11 Azar 99 شد. According to this instruction, the return of production units that have the possibility of returning to the production cycle will be facilitated.

Pointing out that not all production units can return to the production cycle, Dinparast added: "Some units do not have the power to compete or their equipment is old and out of date and can not be produced."

The official said that a meeting will be held in the presence of the CEOs of 16 banks that have acquired production units to implement this instruction. The Governor of the Central Bank, who is one of the main members of the headquarters to facilitate and eliminate production barriers, said: This meeting is present and a decision will be made regarding the implementation of this instruction and the acceleration of the return of production units.

Dinparast said: "Today, it was approved that a committee chaired by the Finance and Banking Committee of the Facilitation Headquarters, which is the responsibility of the Central Bank, be formed with the presence of a representative of the judiciary, the Secretariat, the representative of the Chamber of Commerce and the relevant operating bank. We can evaluate the return to the production cycle faster.

The Deputy Head of the Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers to Production said that the acquisition of production units by the banking network is inevitable, adding: "The production unit that does not pay the facilities of the banks has failed, but this acquisition should not lead to the closure of the production unit." He is also the head of the executive and judiciary.

According to him, an instruction in the Monetary and Credit Council entitled "Preventing the closure of production units acquired by the banking network and credit institutions" is being approved, according to which the bank should review the mechanism of continuing the unit's activity before acquiring the production unit. Closing the production unit, some people become unemployed. The Monetary and Credit Council had promised to announce the guidelines in the early months of this year, which is a good thing in terms of production.

Identifying annoying laws is the first step in removing barriers to production

The Deputy Chief of Staff for Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers to Production identified and determined the first condition for the elimination of annoying laws.

According to the theologian, legislation in the country has a long history; Another task communicated to the institutions was the voluntary introduction of disturbing laws from the perspective of the institutions themselves, because as the conditions of the country and the economic climate change, some laws no longer have that protective effect and may become an obstacle.

Explaining that according to the approvals of the first meeting of the headquarters this year, all executive bodies of the government and the private sector were obliged to explain the annoying laws and regulations, he specified: Based on this decree, all executive bodies of the public sector were required to explain all laws approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly. , Identify and describe all the approvals of the Cabinet of Ministers, as well as the internal instructions and directives in some way in the field of production, whether as a hindrance or a supporter.

Communicating the various sections of the deputies in the form of an instruction

This official is responsible for identifying all current instructions in the various departments and departments of the executive apparatus and communicating them in the form of an instruction, as well as delegating maximum authority to the provincial categories as a facilitator in production.

According to the Deputy Chief of Staff, the facilitation and removal of barriers to production of all reports will be reported to various relevant departments after collection and review in a meeting attended by the heads of various committees of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, the Vice President for Economic Affairs, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance and the Cabinet Secretary. Receipt to take further steps to correct and remove them.

Identification of 2,789 production units owned by the banking network

He continued his speech by emphasizing on following up the facilitation headquarters regarding the implementation of the headquarters' approvals, adding: "One of the important issues that was followed up in the headquarters was regarding the production units owned by the banking network and non-banking institutions." By the end of December, 50 percent of the country's banks and non-bank credit institutions said they did not own any production units; According to the same report, 16 banks and financial institutions announced the number of production units under their acquisition as 2,789, of which 237 units were transferred, 699 units were transferred to others, and 1,761 units are still owned by this network. The three largest banks in the country own 970, 674 and 338 units, respectively.

Acquisition of a production unit should not lead to the closure of that unit

At the end of his speech, Dinparast pointed out that some production units, despite the cooperation and interaction of the banking network, fail to pay their debts, and the acquisition of the production unit in these cases is inevitable for the banking network and said: this acquisition should not lead To close the production unit and in addition to following up the headquarters in order to accelerate and facilitate the return of production units to the activity cycle, instructions to prevent the closure of production units owned by banking networks and non-bank financial institutions are being followed in the Monetary and Credit Council.