The country's commercial environment needs news of global understanding

The country's commercial environment needs news of global understanding
  • 2021-07-19
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Chairman of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce: It is necessary to pay attention to the balance in the development of political relations, so that economic development occurs in all dimensions of the West and East and we do not have to spend more than the people, resulting in economic recession will not be. These are the expectations that come from the government and we hope that a rational policy will be adopted.

According to the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, Farshid Farzanegan said about the news of the release of Iranian currencies in Japan and South Korea: These currencies are not to be transferred to the Central Bank in cash or to Iran, but for business activities of merchants in Japan. And South Korea is used. In other words, they can meet the needs of industries to some extent and import goods. In this way, it seems that the least efficient way is possible, the government should make sure that this money is returned to the country in a proper way and provided to development budgets and infrastructure development. We have become accustomed to using this money to increase consumption in the country and fuel inflation.

He added: "We expect the elected government to pay attention to the development of infrastructure, development activities and activities that support trade and infrastructure production." Undoubtedly, both the FATF issue and the sanctions issue must be addressed together. The longer the Borjam talks, the more they will affect the foreign exchange market. The foreign exchange market is affected by this news.

Farzanegan pointed out: In order for the country's trade environment to be relieved of this economic pressure to some extent, it is necessary for a good news to reach a global understanding to reach the country's trade and production environment, which can be achieved as a result of negotiations. Achieve an achievable document operationally so that our country can gradually benefit from a free system of banking and international transactions, while also issues related to the FATF are on the agenda. This news itself can reduce the contraction present in the market.

The head of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce stressed the importance of the exchange rate in the Iranian economy and said: "Whether we like it or not, the Iranian market has become highly dependent on the currency and this can create a better environment for businesses." The space requires economic stability and the adoption of long-term plans with a vision document. All traders, producers and economic actors expect to be able to make decisions in a calmer and more predictable environment. We need this space, otherwise production and trade will not develop.

He added: "Unfortunately, there is no change in the specific approach. We hope that the elected government will pay more attention to businesses and the private sector. Mr. Reisi also had a meeting with economists, but I wish entrepreneurs, the private sector and economic activists without support in the space." Production and trade are present and they have kept their jobs with all the pressure. They were invited to be heard.

"We need the stability of the business environment, the exchange rate is higher than its real value," Farzanegan said. Due to the increasing growth of liquidity and as a result of inflation, production has been damaged, and the economic, productive and commercial activities that should be the basis for the growth of any country are at risk. Speculation and such activities, which stem from the volatile growth of liquidity, have cast a shadow over productive and commercial activities. For example, if they close all their business activities and enter the housing market in Tehran, they will make more profit.

He also clarified: All economic formulas are based on the production of wealth and added value. Wherever there is more value added, people, businesses and producers are moving towards it. The atmosphere governing the economy should be directed so that productive and commercial activities dominate all other economic activities so that investors and producers can invest their capital and work in the fields of production and trade.

The head of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce noted: "A basic plan must be made in this regard." The first thing that seems to happen in this case is the development of international trade, the creation of a favorable economic environment in the country and joining the world trade community. The cake of Iran's economy is shrinking from international trade every day. We must have a better approach to the world, otherwise the backwardness and weakness of employment will be more than before.

He added: "Certainly, the cut can not be successful until Iran returns to the world economic community and does not have proper interaction with all neighboring countries, as well as countries in the West and East." You can have good negotiations with the West when you have a good relationship with the East, you can get concessions from the East when you get closer to the West and there is a balance of communication.

In the end, Farzanegan emphasized the importance of balancing the development of relations with the West and the East and said: "It is necessary to pay attention to maintaining balance in the development of political relations so that economic development occurs in all dimensions of the West and the East." Let us not become people whose result will be nothing but economic recession. These are the expectations that come from the government and we hope that a rational policy will be adopted.