Dariush Ismaili Deputy Minister of Future Mining

The request for the resignation of Sarvastan's deputy Dariush Ismaili was announced in the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Suhan's bureaucracy of producing spirit

Experts believe bureaucratic decline is one of the main ways to boost production; therefore, stakeholders, especially when the market is in recession, must step in to reduce bureaucracy and keep producers open.

Contractors Manage the Growth of Bureaucracy in Mining

Although there is a good deal of investment in the mining sector and we have wandering funds that can be pushed into the mining sector, the bureaucracy has made the incentives less attractive.

Producers on the Road to Seventy Juan Bureaucracy

In our whole administrative system it is so worn out that if one wants to get into the business environment, first it will face complex bureaucratic hurdles that may leave the investor in the licensing phase and if he or she goes through the bureaucratic process too stubbornly, Kennedy will enter the operational phase.

Cooperation of Iran Export Guarantee Fund and Commercial Insurance for Export Development

The director of the Export Guarantee Fund described the new strategy as a support for the establishment of insurance consortia to manage major export risks.

The economic structure of the country is not exportable

Chairman of the Export Chamber of Commerce of Iran Chamber of Commerce: I personally do not agree with the government consultant, this consultant should be selected from the private sector at the expense of the sector and with the help of the Foreign Ministry will conduct overseas marketing. However, with the advent of technology, marketing has become outdated and new forms have emerged.

Fifty mine licenses in the name of state-owned companies

The Majlis Research Center in a report analyzed and analyzed the government tenure in Iran's mines.

Threefold growth of mining technology ideas

Chief Executive Officer of Iran Mines and Minerals Renovation Organization (IMIDRO): Today, seventy knowledge-based companies have presented the organization with four hundred ideas to cut its dependence on outsourcing and expand its internal construction movement more than three times as much as last year.

Issue of four hundred and seventy mining licenses in Kurdistan

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Exploration of Kurdistan Organization of Mines and Trade: At present, four hundred and seven operating licenses have been issued out of which one hundred and fifty mines are active or inactive.

Pay attention to the private sector policies of the Ministry of Industry

Advisor to the Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce pointing out that the private sector is paying attention to the policies of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce but I do not know why we do not take the private sector seriously? Now the private sector can help alongside the public sector, he said. Problems in the public sector that are big and heavy and can't move, but the agile and fast private sector can solve many of the problems and hopefully managers take the private sector seriously.

Central Province needs seven thousand five hundred residential units

Provincial Governor: The province needs seven thousand five hundred housing units for four specific groups (the disabled, the families of the martyrs, the armed forces and the cultural forces).

State mines rights returned to Kurdistan province

Deputy Minister of Mines Affairs of Kurdistan Organization of Mines and Commerce regarding the role of mines in the development of the province said: Undoubtedly, mines have a great role in the development of provinces, especially in less developed provinces such as Kurdistan, and will not lead to economic profit until they are processed in their proper location. Was.

It is a difficult year for the country's economy

Admittedly, given the problems posed by sanctions, we need to find new solutions to the problems. When a country is boycotted, it is not just the boycott of oil sales, but the boycott of money, the supply of goods, machinery, investment, finance, and so forth.

50% off indoor exhibit booths

General Director of Iran Trade Promotion Organization: The International Exhibition Company of Islamic Republic of Iran, in cooperation with the Exhibition Executives, has been ordered to take the necessary arrangements for the presence of export associations and associations in domestic exhibitions, according to the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization.

No investment is ready to bribe

Head of the Judiciary: No investor or economic activist is ready to bribe, what makes the capitalist go for bribery is the bureaucracy. People complain about corruption and unhealthy administrative relationships, bribery and rent payments. Facilitating administrative affairs and clarifying administrative relations prevents corruption.

Sanctions prevented the export spike

Former Chairman of the Central Bank: It should be borne in mind that not only does the exchange rate affect export growth, but also other factors such as bank transfers, transportation, port capacity and joint chambers of commerce.

Museum of Taq-e Bostan is being restored

Head of Kermanshah Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism: Complex restoration operations of the Taq-e Bostan Museum will soon be carried out.

Anticipating the creation of fifteen thousand jobs in the Central Province

Central Provincial Governor: Given the significant volume of foreign investment made in the Central Province, it is expected to create at least 15,000 direct and indirect job opportunities.

Describes an export protection package

Director-General of the National Organization for Standardization's Export and Import Quality Assessment Office: In addition to being able to be produced on the basis of the national standard, it is also possible to produce on the basis of the standard of the target countries or even the regional standard.

The $ 1 billion negative trade balance between Iran and the UK

Head of the Iran-UK Chamber of Commerce: It is a misconception that in a centralized economy and a state-run economy we can run programs by applying certain laws on free economies. Because these programs will do the opposite. As long as our economy is a grammar, all parts of it must be grammatical, one cannot be free and the other grammatical.

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