Self-sufficiency; a great opportunity for export development

The Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce at the meeting of the Chief Economist of East Azarbaijan Province, emphasizing the supreme leadership's commitment to the need to support the pillars of production, said: "Production is sacred, and the efforts of artisans, especially in today's economic war, are a jihadist task." is included

Export Promotion Trade Ready Organization

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and General Director of Iran Trade Promotion Organization: Planning and Budget Organization expected to announce budget allocation and allocation of incentives, according to First Vice President and Chief of Staff of Resistance Economics To export.

Mountain climbing has not happened in Meskhan

Governor Nei Riz dismissed claims of mountaineering in Jhusk in the Poshtkuh district of the city, saying, "Unfortunately, in recent days a number of people have been preventing investor and mining work in the area. All mining licenses in this area are completely legal.

Qom is one of the most important mineral areas of the country

Head of Qom Industry, Mine and Trade Organization: Eighty-eight mines are currently active in the province and Qom is one of the most important mining areas in the country.

The banks did not break the knot of production

Stoneware of banks along the way of production and taxes disproportionate to production volume are among the concerns of South Khorasan producers.

Export priority VAT refund

The head of the tax affairs agency put the value added tax return on the organization's top priority and said: "We need to move towards smart taxation in order to get fair taxation."

What is the top priority for exporters?

A former member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce believes that economic transparency and stability in the laws are the top priorities that exporters today need to enforce.

Uncertainty of export protection closed resources

The head of the Iranian Confederation of Exports says the financial resources for implementing the package to support the development of non-oil exports have not yet been determined, and it is unclear what part of the package could be implemented by the end of the year.

Dariush Ismaili became Deputy Minister of Mining for Industry

Dariush Ismaili was appointed Deputy Minister of Industry for Mining.

Imidro Pole Mines Science and Technology Organization

"One of the basic principles of the research is that technology is not buyable and we need to learn it," said the vice president of science and technology at the inauguration ceremony of the pilot project.

The next three years, eighty-five billion dollars of exports

DEPUTY DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY: Our partners at the Trade Development Organization are studying commodity needs in fifteen neighboring countries. At present, our exports to these countries are $ 20 billion, and we expect to reach $ 80 billion in the next three years.

The need to define new export markets

Underscoring the need to find new markets today for export-oriented goods, the State Department's deputy director of economic diplomacy said: "This will not limit domestic production to domestic borders."

Separating personal and business accounts

The head of the central bank announced the separation of personal and commercial accounts and said: "In any country a bank supervisor does not allow bank transfers without documentation and bank information on origin and destination and the reason for transferring funds and beneficiaries.

I have stopped the family at the Ministry of Industry

"The ministry is not our personal property and we have to carry out our mission well," said the minister of industry, mining and commerce, stating that I had stopped the family.

Increasing Iran's exports to Iraqi Kurdistan

"Despite the decline in exports to southern Iraq, exports to Iraqi Kurdistan have increased despite the decline in recent insecurity in Iraq," the head of the Iran-Iraq Joint Chamber said.

Export of ninety-three million Euros to East Azerbaijan

CEO of East Azarbaijan Industrial Estates Company: In the past ten months this year, small, medium and industrial organizations of the province exported 90 million euros worth of goods and exported 90 million euros.

Possibility to raise capital of the Mining Fund

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade: The Mining Investment Fund can focus on raising capital up to a trillion dollars to meet its future goals.

Details of new terms of business card issuance

The director of the credit and rating system of the Ministry of Industry, referring to the integration of business card application and issuance procedures, said: "Business card applicants' application will now be reviewed in the integrated credit rating system in the comprehensive business system."

Launching the Niriz Stone Industrial Cluster

Managing Director of Fars Industrial Estates: In Sangriz Industrial Estates, there are infrastructures and facilities required by the artisans. So far, one hundred and sixty-nine contracts have been signed with applicants and investors.

Paying six billion riyals to Takab mines

Head of West Azerbaijan Industry, Mine and Trade Organization: Six billion riyals were paid from state-owned rights to Takab gold mines.

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