Big mining companies help flood victims

At the behest of the Minister of Industry and Imidro's pursuits, four major mining and mining companies rushed to our flood-hit compatriots.

Exports drive the country's economic development

Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce, meeting with senior executives of Iran Trade Development Organization, said: Export is the economic driver of the country and is one of the factors contributing to production boom.

Solving the problems of export-oriented industries

The deputy minister and head of the Iranian Trade Promotion Organization on the sidelines of the Quality and Standards Working Group, expressing that it wants national resolve to help exporters in the area of quality and export standards, calls for the philosophy of restarting this work to be coordinated and cooperated with all active groups in Exports and helping to solve the problems of export-producing units in this area.

Mines tax

Miner: Unfortunately, the tax agency also charges taxes from Depot, while having to pay taxes when the miners have sales.

Iran's exports to Kuwait doubled

Vice President of Iran Chamber of Commerce Non-Oil Export Development Committee: If Iran can get involved in the project of Bubyan Island, it can connect Arvand and Khorsbayr free zones and create economic hub.

Necessity to abolish the rules of production

Governor of Qom: There are barriers and regulations in the manufacturing sector, and the barrier to prosperity has to be reconsidered. Manufacturers are our best advisors.

Necessity of Mining Policies to Meet Market Needs

Given the country's economic conditions, a 90% increase in state mining rights in next year's budget will definitely affect the cost of the mines and make it difficult for miners.

Billion Investments in South Khorasan Mines

Chairman of the Executive Board of Iran Mines and Minerals Development and Renovation Organization: The organization is currently investing and pledging 400 billion USD in the mining sector of South Khorasan province.

Necessity to support Kurdistan mines

Governor of Kurdistan: In order to create sustainable employment capacities, the province's mines must be supported by more trustees.

Entrepreneurs need to change their minds

The head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce says the misconception that entrepreneurs have had over the past decades has always made them look suspicious, while many have done their job without rent and corruption and hoped that this would be heard. Reach the authorities.

Hepco ordered

Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce, on the sidelines of a meeting with co-ops in the co-op chamber, said: "The problem of the Hepco plant will be resolved shortly after receiving an order from inside and the plant will return to production circuit."

Photo report of Mahalat city decorative stone

In this report, Abbas Aznaroush, Managing Director of Sangestan City, Mahalat, expresses his views on the industry.

The Business Environment Improvement Act was not enforced

The head of the Iranian chamber of commerce, saying that seven years have passed since the law on continuous improvement of business environment, but this law has not been implemented yet, said: "We must beg law enforcement."

Two and a half percent increase in mineral exploration certification

In the eight months of this year, the number of mining licenses and licenses issued has increased compared to the same period last year.

Eliminate the trade profits of exhibition machinery

The CEO of Iran International Exhibition Company announced the agreement of the government to eliminate the commercial gain of imported machinery clearance for entry into the exhibitions.

Signed Mine Safety Agreement

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Imidro and the Ministry of Labor on promoting the safety of labor in the country's mines and industries.

Increasing government salaries does not match market conditions

If property interest and government rights are to be increased and the investor is unable to offset this increase elsewhere, it will have the opposite effect, closing some of the country's mines.

Message of condolences from the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Commerce congratulated Haji Qassim Suleimani, the commander of Rashid Islam and the brave commander of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Compilation of masterpieces of decorative stone by Imidro

Khidadad Gharibpour, Chairman of the Imidro Executive Board, announced at a meeting with the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce the development of a master plan for decorative stones aimed at expanding exports.

Chaharmahal & Bakhtiari Stone Works

The earliest works identified in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari include stone tools and artifacts related to the new Paleolithic period and the beginning of the Neolithic period.

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