An analysis of thirty-five-meter shelves; we are sixty to zero behind the United States!

The housing programs of the country's economic team in the major years after the revolution have caused Iran to lose hard against the Americans in the field of housing, unlike space programs and new technologies.

The raw materials did not reach the producers

Currently, a month after this year, the manufacturing sector is facing several problems, including the lack of funding for the import of raw materials, which has not yet been resolved.

Two hundred people are employed in the Aligudarz paper mill

Managing Director of Lorestan Industrial Towns Company: The field of employment of two hundred people in the paper production plant will be provided from the stone of Aligudarz Industrial Town.

We have an annual export potential of $ 100 billion

Chairman of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce: "Unfortunately, we do not use our export platforms, and the disruption of the trade system by issuing licenses, directives and changing procedures has prevented us from using the capacity of all parts of the country." If our export capacity could be at least one hundred billion dollars a year.

Assigning land to the people for semi-finished units

Minister of Roads and Urban Development: In order to mobilize activities and get out of this unintended recession caused by the outbreak of the coronavirus, we have called for the people and the private sector to include it in the National Housing Action Plan if they have part-time residential projects.

Extraction of five million tons of minerals in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

Head of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Last year, about five million tons of minerals were extracted from the province's mines, and the transfer of abandoned mines is also on the agenda of the Industrial Organization.

Takab mines are the best capacity for mutation production

Governor of Takab: Forty percent of the country's gold reserves lie in the city's mines. Takab gold and stone mines, especially the Zarshuran gold complex, are a good opportunity to realize the leap of production in the region.

One and two billion rials aid of Mahabad miners to health

Head of Mines Affairs of Mahabad Department of Industry, Mines and Trade: The miners of this city donated one billion and two hundred million Rials to the health sector to participate in the fight against corona.

Corona Barrier Scissor Barrier Opening of Farooj Stone Paper

North Khorasan Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade: The Corona outbreak delayed the implementation of the Farooj County Stone Paper Production Project, although it is scheduled to be operational this year.

The export support package has been finalized

The Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the finalization of the export protection package and announced it, and said that the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade has been selected as a pioneer in this project.

Issuance of one hundred and thirty-two directives for the mining sector in one year

Head of Iran's Mining House: Today, the country's economic situation requires that the smoothing and facilitation of affairs be on the agenda of the executive apparatus, but last year the mining and mineral industries sector was faced with one hundred and thirty-two directives.

Government procrastination in allocating foreign exchange for imports of raw materials to industrial units

Chairman of the Industries Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: Various correspondence has been received from the Central Bank, but the production units have not yet reached a conclusion, and this has made the production process difficult.

Requirement to register production statistics in the Cadas system for all miners

The Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of Tehran Province Industry Organization announced that according to the communiqué of the Ministry of Industry, all contracts and deadlines of exploiters and miners of the country have been extended until the end of June. In the past, the Kadas mineral system has been provided and all operators are required to record their statistics.

Launching twenty-five mineral processing units

Viceministro de Minas e Industrias Mineras del Ministerio de Industria: El desarrollo de la exploración es el tema más importante en el sector minero para lograr los objetivos y órdenes del Líder Supremo. Según el Líder Supremo, la gente debe tocar los frutos del aumento de la producción.

It is not possible to attract investment in the mining industry with tolls and directives

Chairman of the Mining and Mining Industries Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: Today, in the face of cowardly sanctions by the enemy and various foreign problems, we should not create internal barriers such as export duties and various directives to destabilize the market and prevent attracting investors.

Axis audit of the lives of the country's producers

An economic expert: Audit-driven and value-added audits have been a disaster for the country's producers. Payment of contract premiums has put additional pressure on manufacturers so far that it has become one of the major barriers to production.

Closing half of the country's mines

Half of the country's mines are inactive, while reviving them will play an important role in generating production and earning rials and foreign exchange. This requires careful planning and the creation of appropriate conditions for government and private investment.

A resolution that circumvents paperwork

Imports of mining machinery and road construction were released by the end of this year with the Central Bank's secondary market currency. Previously, the import of these items was free with the applicant's currency.

Imports of mining machinery require foreign exchange

Lack of currency allocation will increase the price of machinery and reduce the demand for it, so the government should create conditions for miners to export the minerals they need to buy the mineral machinery.

Request for a support package of six hundred billion tomans for exporters

Chairman of the Export Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: The Trade Development Organization has asked the Program and Budget Organization to grant export packages to exporters as export incentives. The amount of this support package this year will be about six hundred billion tomans, and so far no amount of this amount has been received.

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