Rehabilitation of small-scale mines in line with the jump in production

Managing Director of Iran Minerals Production and Production Company: The small-scale mining rehabilitation project is one of the resistance economy projects and is on the agenda as a production leap in line with this year's plans.

Provide three special offers to save Hepco

The head of the judiciary agreed with the proposal to quickly transfer government shares in Hepco to Imidro to solve the problems of this large industrial complex and ordered that the proposal be reflected in the government's implementation and, if necessary, in the Supreme Economic Coordination Council of the three powers.

Manifestation of e-government performance in the mining sector

Operators and technical officials are required to upload their production statistics to the cadastral system. We need to move away from traditional methods and take steps to grow e-government today.

Supply of 25% of the total non-oil currency through mines

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced in a special news talk show on Do Sima: Last year, about 25 percent of the total non-oil currency was provided through mines and mining industries, and the growth of the steel chain was about twenty to twenty-twenty. It was five percent and we have a good outlook for this year.

The need for production mutations in the mining sector

Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade: Iran has good conditions for production and export in the mining sector, and if we appreciate this opportunity, we will see a jump in production in this sector this year.

Congratulations to Dr. Nabai on the Iranian Stone Exhibition

Congratulations to Dr. Nabai on the Iranian Stone Exhibition

Thirty percent of Isfahan's raw stones are exported

Head of Isfahan Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: About 30% of the decorative stones of this province are sold raw, while these stones must be exported to other countries after processing and creating added value.

Identification of mineral reserves in low-income provinces

The Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the implementation of Imidro's plans to identify mineral resources in less privileged provinces in order to develop and complete the metal chain.

Gholam Hossein Shafei strongly protests against Abdul Nasser Hemmati

Gholamhossein Shafei, head of Iran's Chamber of Commerce, sent a letter to Central Bank Governor Abdul Nasser Hemmati protesting the private sector's elimination of a 20 percent adjustment for last year's and this year's exports.

Kermanshah's mining areas are being auctioned off

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of Kermanshah Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Mineral zones of the province will be put up for auction in the first half of this year.

$ 12 billion reduction in non-oil exports

Chairman of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce: Due to severe restrictions on borders and declining purchasing power of the world, it is not possible to achieve the goal of non-oil exports of fifty billion dollars.

Bushehr mineral registration in Cadastre system

Head of Mines Affairs Department of Bushehr Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Registration of information on production and mining statistics was required by the miners and the technical manager of the mines of this province.

Exporters are more supported this year

The CEO of the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran, stating that exporters have more support this year, said: "This year, this fund will support exporters more than before."

Provide loans and land for the construction of one hundred and forty-five thousand houses

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development announced the provision of facilities and land for the construction of one hundred and forty-five thousand housing units on the outskirts of cities and dilapidated structures.

Supply of Nehbandan mining infrastructure

Governor of Nehbandan: The government has accepted ninety percent of the cost of two hundred and seventy billion tomans of electricity supply to Shahkooh mines, and if the electricity supply to these mines is completed, we will see a great revolution in the field of mines in the city.

Seven tons of smuggled ore discovered in Esfarayen

The head of the Esfarayen police command announced the discovery of seven tons and eighty-five kilograms of smuggled ore worth more than five hundred and sixty-six million rials.

Neighboring Country Transportation Development Model

The Turkish government has already created the conditions for cargo shipbuilders and long-term loans by providing facilities for cargo transportation in Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, as well as in the construction of ocean-going ships.

Create 7,000 jobs in the mining sector

The Executive Director and Secretary of the Coordinating Council for the Rehabilitation, Activation and Development of Small-Scale Mines announced the activation of one hundred and forty-six small-scale mines last year, saying that the Small-Scale Rehabilitation Project last year, despite the fledgling nature of the project, The intellectual and practical support and participation of the private sector of Iran Mining House and Chamber of Commerce from the beginning of the project until now, succeeded in line with the macro goals of the resistance economy, by identifying four thousand four hundred and ninety-six inactive and expandable small-scale mines in The country has surveyed 2,130 mines in the form of 3,600 projects and is taking action. Your clinical work on nine hundred and seventy inactive mines will eventually revive one hundred and forty-six small-scale mines in the country and achieve more than ninety-seven percent of last year's targeting.

Mines are a priority for credit distribution

The governor of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari, referring to the province's mineral capacity, said: "In the year of production leaps, the prosperity of mines should be a priority in the distribution of the province's industry, mining and trade credits this year."

Sixty-nine industrial licenses are issued in Mahallat city

Head of the Department of Industry, Mining and Trade of Mahallat County: Sixty-nine industrial units with an estimated investment of eleven thousand nine hundred and four billion rials received permits in this city last year.

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