State Mines Rights at Base Price Last Year

Head of Iran Mining House: Supreme Council of Mines approved by the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade the amount of government mines for this year based on last year's base price.

One and two billion dollar mining sector plans ready to open

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade: There are now three and a half billion dollars in plans to launch on the country's top officials, with one and a half billion dollars in mining and mining projects ready to open or in operation.

Minor increase in land acquisition rates in industrial estates

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce and Managing Director of the Small Industries and Industrial Estates Organization of Iran: Despite the increasing costs of the organization in providing infrastructure, the increase in the rate of land acquisition rights has been attributed to investors in small industrial towns.

Mining road map with 25% acceleration compared to schedule

In order to achieve the goals of the Outlook Document, the Twelfth Government, with the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce, has envisaged seventy-two strategies and one hundred and forty-five goals to the horizon and within a year Twenty-five percent move ahead of schedule.

Appointment of Supervisor of Mining Engineering

The Deputy Minister of Mines and Minerals, the Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce, formerly head of Iran's Mining Engineering Organization, appointed "Taqi Nebi" as head of the organization.

We become self-sufficient in the production of heavy tires

Minister of Industry: We have four other projects in the production of heavy tires that will be self-sufficient in the next two years. Of course, in the field of production of light passenger car tires, we are almost self-sufficient.

Consultation with organizations requires the High Council of Mines

The participants of the meeting of the Mining Policy Council of Iran emphasized the necessity of consulting with the Higher Council of Mines in the new period of their activity with the organizations and activists of this sector.

The value of the country's mines is twenty-two billion dollars

Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce: The total value of the country's mines and minerals is twenty-two billion dollars.

Embassies are home to exporters

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly emphasizes that the ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran make economic issues their top priority and the route of entry of Iranian goods into export target markets, especially those of the countries represented. The State Department is there to open it.

Supporting Economic War Warriors; A National Duty

Minister of Mining and Commerce at the meeting of government and private sector in Chaharmahal Bakhtiari province Chamber of Commerce for Mines and Agriculture, congratulated the economic activists of this province on the forty-first anniversary of the victory of the glorious Islamic Revolution. In the present circumstances, the warriors of economic warfare are producers who, with the efforts of craftsmen, miners, guilds and dear farmers, our nation is also proud and victorious.

Invitation to the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade

Iranian International Stone Exhibition Board of Directors Reza Rahmani Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and all officials of the Ministry to attend the 13th International Iranian Stone Exhibition on September 15-18, 2020 at the permanent location of the Iranian Stone Exhibition in Mahallat, City Halfway there will be an invitation.

Self-sufficiency; a great opportunity for export development

The Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce at the meeting of the Chief Economist of East Azarbaijan Province, emphasizing the supreme leadership's commitment to the need to support the pillars of production, said: "Production is sacred, and the efforts of artisans, especially in today's economic war, are a jihadist task." is included

Export Promotion Trade Ready Organization

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mine and Trade and General Director of Iran Trade Promotion Organization: Planning and Budget Organization expected to announce budget allocation and allocation of incentives, according to First Vice President and Chief of Staff of Resistance Economics To export.

Dariush Ismaili became Deputy Minister of Mining for Industry

Dariush Ismaili was appointed Deputy Minister of Industry for Mining.

The next three years, eighty-five billion dollars of exports

DEPUTY DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRY: Our partners at the Trade Development Organization are studying commodity needs in fifteen neighboring countries. At present, our exports to these countries are $ 20 billion, and we expect to reach $ 80 billion in the next three years.

I have stopped the family at the Ministry of Industry

"The ministry is not our personal property and we have to carry out our mission well," said the minister of industry, mining and commerce, stating that I had stopped the family.

Possibility to raise capital of the Mining Fund

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade: The Mining Investment Fund can focus on raising capital up to a trillion dollars to meet its future goals.

Dariush Ismaili Deputy Minister of Future Mining

The request for the resignation of Sarvastan's deputy Dariush Ismaili was announced in the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Pay attention to the private sector policies of the Ministry of Industry

Advisor to the Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce pointing out that the private sector is paying attention to the policies of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce but I do not know why we do not take the private sector seriously? Now the private sector can help alongside the public sector, he said. Problems in the public sector that are big and heavy and can't move, but the agile and fast private sector can solve many of the problems and hopefully managers take the private sector seriously.

Sending delegates to twenty target countries

The deputy minister of industry announced the order of the minister of industry to send representatives of Iran's full trade union to twenty countries for export, saying that this would be done in cooperation with development organizations and chambers of commerce.

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