The top of the sanctions is Iran's foreign trade

Head of WTO: Sanctions have always been at the forefront of Iran's foreign trade and business processes, as exports and imports have always been a vital vein of trade, and especially in the current environment, foreign exchange revival circulation.

Negotiating with two universities to establish an export school

Head of the Trade Promotion Organization: The program is to be organized in coordination with the Academic Jihad and the University Jihad to introduce partner universities in this field.

Fix base export rate

Member of the Iranian Chamber: Export base rates and three-month deadlines have hit economic activists, thus making the interaction between the government and the private sector easier to export.

Turkey, Italy, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Brazil at the 9th Iranian Stone Exhibition

Chairman of the Iranian Stone Exhibition Board: According to the consultations so far, Turkey, Italy, Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Brazil have been present at the 9th Exhibition.

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