The top of the sanctions is Iran's foreign trade

Head of WTO: Sanctions have always been at the forefront of Iran's foreign trade and business processes, as exports and imports have always been a vital vein of trade, and especially in the current environment, foreign exchange revival circulation.

Embassies are home to exporters

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly emphasizes that the ambassadors of the Islamic Republic of Iran make economic issues their top priority and the route of entry of Iranian goods into export target markets, especially those of the countries represented. The State Department is there to open it.

Details of new terms of business card issuance

The director of the credit and rating system of the Ministry of Industry, referring to the integration of business card application and issuance procedures, said: "Business card applicants' application will now be reviewed in the integrated credit rating system in the comprehensive business system."

Describes an export protection package

Director-General of the National Organization for Standardization's Export and Import Quality Assessment Office: In addition to being able to be produced on the basis of the national standard, it is also possible to produce on the basis of the standard of the target countries or even the regional standard.

Exports drive the country's economic development

Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce, meeting with senior executives of Iran Trade Development Organization, said: Export is the economic driver of the country and is one of the factors contributing to production boom.

Threat to export market of Iranian goods with fluctuating quality

Director General of Export and Import Quality Assessment Office Standard Organization: Quality fluctuations in some Iranian goods have led to the loss of part of their export market.

Statement by a number of organizations on the day of industry and mining

A number of organizations in a statement at the National Day of Industry and Mining issued a statement in support of the government.

Foreigners in Nimur praised Iran's rock

FSA Private Company CEO: Another strong point for Iranian stone is the abundance of fine and beautiful stones. Of course, now I think the Iranian domestic market seems to be quiet and closed, but Iranian stones can be a good commodity for export. Of course, export development must comply with European rock standards.

Expansion of the Iranian Stone Exhibition and Association in the National Framework

The board of directors and the executive staff of the International Stone Exhibition of Iran held a meeting with the Secretary of the Iranian Stone Society.

Accelerate the economic development of the stone district of Mahallat city

The central governor emphasized on expediting the implementation of the Special Economic Zone Stone Organization in Mahallat, emphasizing: "Export of stone in Mahallat city is one of the most important goals of creating a special economic zone which is necessary to be followed and should be done in the shortest time possible" Consider the most viable way to select the executive of this region.

Industrial fairs are essential

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran Stone Exhibition: Resistance Economics is the maturation of a culture of partnership and reliance on internal capabilities in the light of the economy and the provision of export and import-based platforms.

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