Parallel work in exploratory activity is contrary to the mine roadmap

Deputy Minister of Geology and Mineral Exploration: According to the roadmap of the Mining and Mining Industries, all government affairs related to exploration are done by this organization, and parallel work in this regard is contrary to the provisions of the roadmap.

Imports of second-hand European trucks were released

The rules and conditions for the modernization of the suburban cargo fleet were announced by the Highways and Road Transportation Organization and the registration time of the eligible applicants for the import of used trucks was up to three years.

Development of rules in the capital of Iran's stone industry

The Director General of the Technical, Civil and Transportation and Traffic Affairs Office of the Central Governorate announced the development of criteria for activities in Iran's stone industry hub and said: the criteria for constructing a building in Nimvar industrial hub were approved.

Raw sale of mines in Naqadeh city due to lack of processing unit

Head of Naqadeh Industry, Mining and Trade Department: The nominal capacity of all mines in this city is estimated at 124 thousand tons.

Generating government assets by implementing national housing

The Minister of Roads and Urban Development announced at the inauguration ceremony of Farhangian Housing in the Presidential Institution that Farhangian Housing will be built on lands belonging to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development and surplus lands of education.

Imidro's share of 30% of total mineral extraction

Imidro Mines Manager: Imidro's share of total extracted minerals, including subsidiaries, including the National Copper Company, is about 30 percent.

State law calculates smart minerals

The Ministry of Industry's clever way of calculating government mineral rights is on the agenda of this year's Ministry of Industry, the ways of which have been examined.

Two-month extension of the deadline for submitting tax returns

According to the decision of the heads of the forces, the deadline for submitting tax returns has been extended for two months and at the latest until the end of September this year.

Verbal support for production must become practical support

Head of the Judiciary: It is possible to delay and complete the work of the delayed judicial cases in the very first days of the year, but colleagues should be careful that the handling of these cases should not cause delays in the current cases.

Private Sector Presence in Farooj Stone Paper ‌

The head of the province's industry organization announced the investment of two hundred and forty-six billion tomans for the launch of the stone paper production unit from calcium carbonate in Farouj by the private sector.

Details of exporters' problems

The head of the Iran-Armenia Joint Chamber of Commerce, referring to exporters' problems, said: "Financial transactions have imposed a double cost on exporters, making it very unbearable for economic actors to continue trading."

Construction of a rain rock determination machine

After two years of research, the first device to determine the durability of rocks against precipitation was built by the research department of the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Damghan University.

Eighty-two thousand tons of decorative stone were produced in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

Acting Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Out of seventeen decorative stone mines in this province, more than eighty-two thousand tons of products were produced and marketed last year.

The Ministry of Energy pledged to build infrastructure in South Khorasan

Head of South Khorasan Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: The Ministry of Energy has committed to invest 90 billion Tomans to complete the infrastructure, especially electricity supply to the mining potential areas of the province.

The unproductiveness of the economy is a challenge facing Iran

The former Minister of Economy said that the super challenge of Iran's economy is the non-production of the economy and said: the banking system should be in the service of production and the share of production credits should be in the forefront.

Revival of the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade Development

The Director General of the Trade Development Organization of Iran announced the planning and proposal of reviving the Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade Development in the provincial industry organizations throughout the country.

Exhibition empathy in difficult situations

Chairman of the World Exhibition Industry Association: The very nature of exhibitions and exhibition industry in general is to be a place for communication, meeting, trade, cooperation between people and industries. These meetings are especially important in times of crisis, and we are committed to providing such opportunities whenever possible.

June delivery of the first national housing group

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development announced the opening of the first group of national housing units in Kerman province in June this year and said: "National housing in Farhangian field will be overhauled on Monday and so far seventy thousand people have registered in this field."

Harvesting of expert mines should be done

Governor of Ardabil: Necessary studies should be done by experts on the principled extraction of mines.

The need to guarantee international trade in the mining industry

Deputy Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade: Ensuring international trade and investment is essential for mining and mining companies.

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