Export bans are kept to a minimum

The head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade said that the main way to boost production is to strengthen and develop non-oil exports. They will be less.

Export $ 100 billion in three years

Chairman of the Export Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce: If the government and the government in the export sector consult the private sector and involve it, we can achieve last year's exports and even export growth, but otherwise it will be very difficult to achieve.

Environmental restrictions The problem of development of Semnan mines

Head of Semnan Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Lack of necessary infrastructure and environmental and legal restrictions on the transfer of mining areas is the most important obstacle and problem for the development of mines in the province.

Seven stagnant mines were activated in Kermanshah

Head of Kermanshah Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Seven inactive mines in the province have been activated with an investment of ten billion tomans since the beginning of this year.

The age of stone quarries with export duties is twenty percent

In September of last year, all of a sudden, twenty percent of the duties on the export of decorative stones were approved and implemented from the first of October of that year onwards. Activists in the field of mining and the production of decorative stones believe that the imposition of 20% duties will lead to the loss of Iran's export markets.

Revival of stagnant mines according to the head of the Iranian Stone Association

Chairman of the Iranian Stone Association: It is possible to export decorative stones when there is a desire to do so, but there is no desire to export, and the main factor has been a very full market for prosperity and domestic consumption.

The central bank agrees to import raw materials without transferring currency

The head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade announced the agreement of the Central Bank with the import of raw materials from the production sector without transferring currency and said: with the coordination and supervision of the Central Bank, import of raw materials from manufacturing factories It will be possible.

Equipping and rebuilding fifty-nine mines in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

Head of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: In order to fulfill the slogan of the year based on the jump in production in the field of mining, this year, equipping and rebuilding fifty-nine mines in the province has been targeted.

We export twenty-five percent of our mineral products

Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of the Ministry of Industry: We have reached a formula that no matter how much production we have, we can export at least twenty-five percent of the production.

The rising cost of construction costs is driving up housing prices

The member of the Civil Commission of the Majles stated that the municipality's action in increasing the cost of construction fees is the cause of the high cost of housing in the country.

Establishment of a single management within the borders of the country with the aim of facilitating exports

Chairman of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture: We emphasize the development of interactions and relations with neighboring countries and the promotion of diplomacy with the aim of developing the export sector.

What is the main priority of manufacturers?

The head of the Iranian Export Confederation says that while Corona has affected the economies of many countries around the world, it is important for the Iranian economy to keep production units active.

Establish a specialized committee to finance small mines through the stock market

The Executive Director and Secretary of the Coordinating Council for the Rehabilitation, Activation and Development of Small-Scale Mines announced the formation of a specialized committee to review the financing of small mines through the stock exchange.

The high cost of exploratory drilling in Iran

In order to be able to improve our position from the 15th rank, we need to expand our exploration, but the important thing is that, according to experts, the capacity of surface exploration is running out, and we need to go deeper, which requires machinery and up-to-date knowledge.

Rehabilitation of stagnant mines, a document for the development of the mining sector

The latest statistics released by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade indicate that the number of mines licensed in the country is more than ten thousand four hundred and four mines, which in May this year announced the activation of more than five thousand six hundred mines. Therefore, according to these statistics, there are at least four thousand stagnant or inactive mines, and the rest have conditions such as being equipped or renovated and improved.

E-commerce and ease of business relationships

The increase in customer base across the country and for international companies from around the world can have access at all hours of the year and on all days of the year, leading to increased sales and business expansion.

Ten Ways to Compensate for Coronal Injuries in the Exhibition Industry

In order to prevent the increase in damage to the country's exhibition sector, the National Anti-Coronation Headquarters should agree to reopen the exhibitions in the second half of June, observing social distance and observing health protocols so that this important economic sector can play the expected role in mobilizing the country's exports and assistance. Play to the production sector to get out of the recession.

The Ministry of Industry removes export barriers

Vice President of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce: Today, the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, in the period of activity of its new head, needs to remove the obstacles facing exports, and this issue should be on the agenda.

Seventeen stone quarries in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari

Head of Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Industry, Mining and Trade Organization: Seventeen mines are engaged in the production of decorative stones in Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

Extraction of more than five million tons of minerals from Zanjan

Head of Zanjan Industry Organization: More than five million and three hundred thousand tons of minerals have been extracted from the mines of Zanjan province.

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