One thousand billion tomans of export incentives was approved

One thousand billion tomans of export incentives was approved
  • 2021-05-12
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The head of the Trade Development Organization of Iran announced at the symposium of the country's export development programs the approval of one thousand billion tomans for export incentives in this year's budget.

According to the International Iranian Stone Exhibition, Hamid Zadboom stated in the symposium of the country's export development programs, which was held in the presence of Minister Samat, MPs and private sector organizations: "Iran's Trade Development Organization in line with the slogan of the year and in coordination with other deputies The ministry has presented its proposed program, which uses the views of government and private stakeholders and organizations. Developing Iran's national export strategy is an approach for a period of 5 years.

Regarding the development of this strategy, he added: "In this regard, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the ITC in 2016 to develop a strategy, and in 1397 the necessary funding was provided through the European Union and the development of a national export strategy since 1398." The key hit. The strategy uses the views of international experts, the private sector and organizations, and emphasizes the development of the value chain as an important role.

Referring to the forecasting and formulation of 359 actions in this strategy, the official continued: 6 commodity groups were selected and piloted, including two groups of agriculture, two groups of services and two groups of industry were selected to implement this strategy, and 359 Action is expected to be taken to expand the exports of these groups within 5 years.

In another part of his speech, referring to the export program to 15 neighboring countries, the head of the Trade Development Organization of Iran said: out of 35 billion dollars of the country's exports last year, about 20 billion and 200 million dollars were related to 15 neighboring countries and 60 Percentage of the country's exports is included. India and China have been among our most important export target countries.

"Our total export potential is about $ 100 billion to 15 neighboring countries," he said. "Pakistan has the most potential with more than $ 16 billion." We have $ 26.4 billion in export capacity to China and $ 28 billion in export capacity to India.

Zadboom considered the signing of bilateral and multilateral trade agreements as one of the ways to develop exports and continued: "From November 2009 to November 2016, we had 82% growth in export items in the free trade agreement with Eurasia, 30% growth in Iran's exports to Eurasia and 8% growth in total trade." The agreement has also been one of the achievements of this agreement.

Referring to the export targets by commodity groups, the official said: "For this year, 10% realistic growth, 15% growth according to presidential orders and 21.7% growth according to the Sixth Development Plan, which should be targeted. Let's move more towards value-added goods, and in this regard, production must be directed so that the value of each ton of exported goods increases. Government support should be targeted, conditional, long-term and mitigating over time.

Deputy Minister Samat, stating that 48% of last year's export incentives have been granted to exporters as interest on bank facilities at a rate of 4%, added: In this year's budget, about one thousand billion tomans has been considered for export incentives.

Zadboom described the outbreak of the Corona virus, high costs in target markets, high logistics costs, cumbersome regulations, financing constraints and compliance problems as challenges in export development. "Fortunately, the coordination and cooperation of organizations and the government's economic headquarters," he said. Problems with fulfilling foreign exchange obligations have been resolved with export notices. Every Wednesday, the Foreign Exchange Action Committee is formed in the Trade Development Organization of Iran with the presence of related bodies. So far, 1,200 cases have been reviewed and more than 100 resolutions have been issued.

The head of the Trade Development Organization also considered the 10% adjustment of the export value of the years 1398 to 1399 and 1400 of the foreign exchange liabilities of all exporters as other programs and said: "Production exporters have fulfilled more than 92% of the commitment, which has the highest figure of fulfillment."