Planning for the restoration of 200 small-scale mines

Planning for the restoration of 200 small-scale mines
  • 2020-05-23
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Imidro CEO: This year's plan is to revive and activate two hundred new small-scale mines. In addition to supporting the project, Imidro is seriously pursuing the development of exploration and mining infrastructure.

According to the International Exhibition of Iranian Stone, Khodadad Gharibpour was revived in the monitoring session of the plan to rehabilitate, activate and develop small mines of one hundred and forty-six mines.

He added: "Last year, due to the importance of activating small mines, this year we have more than doubled the infrastructure budget for such mines from domestic sources."

Production leap solutions in mines

Gharibpour, referring to the production mutation strategies in the mines, said: "The elimination of export duties on decorative stones can provide the ground for activating a significant part of the nine hundred mines in this field."

He continued: "Creating a consortium of small and medium mines to enter the capital market and the stock market has also been proposed, which can be effective in the leap of production."

For example, we are now activating eighteen hematite mines in Fars province to become a consortium, a public limited company, offering ten to twenty percent of its shares on the stock exchange and financing development.

There are 1,600 licenses and certificates of discovery in the metal field

The chairman of Imidro's executive board, referring to the existence of 4,800 mining areas with licenses and certificates of discovery in the country, said: "Of this number, there are 1,600 licenses and certificates of discovery in the metal field, which is a significant figure and we can raise capital for them." Attract the transition and activate them.

Increasing the capital of the Mining Insurance Fund to five hundred billion tomans

Gharibpour said: "We are supposed to finance the insurance fund from the capital market this year." We hope that this fund will make its first bonds for the country's mines this year. He added: "Last year, the capital of the Mining Insurance Fund reached three hundred and fifty billion tomans, and this year it will reach five hundred billion tomans."

Increasing the rate of activation by entering the stock market

"Vajihollah Jafari," the head of the Coordination Council of the Small Mines Rehabilitation Project, also said at the meeting: "According to the study, about three thousand five hundred and fifty-seven exploration licenses remain undecided, which should be determined." These things need to be verified and some need to be decided.

He continued: "Deciding on these mines is easier because it is at the disposal of the organizations and it is planned to be included in the rehabilitation plan."

Referring to the issue of mining on the stock exchange, Jafari said: "The draft of this issue is being prepared and we are looking for a legal solution to supply the mines on the stock exchange." If it is successful, the speed of activation of small mines will increase and public participation in securing liquidity of mines will increase.

A new look at the supply of machinery

Mohammad Reza Bahraman, head of the Mining House, also said: "Rehabilitation of small mines is a desirable step that will be more successful if we reduce bureaucracies in this area."

He continued: "A large part of this is due to the custodian of the mining sector." In the machinery sector, a new look has been made at the Mining Investment Insurance Fund and the path has been opened, and we hope to meet the mining needs of the machinery supply.

Development of an insurance fund justification plan

Farid Dehghani, CEO of the Mining Investment Insurance Fund, also said at the meeting: "A justification plan for 1,500 billion tomans of capital increase of this fund will be developed so that it can go through the approval process."

He added: "We can make deposits from domestic sources and allocate subsidies from the profits for preliminary and supplementary explorations."