Mineral capacities of Hashtrood County

Mineral capacities of Hashtrood County
  • 2020-03-02
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Hashtrood County Governor, referring to the city's agricultural, mining and tourism capacities, said: "Over the next five years, Hashtrood will be in the process of development."

Amin Aminian said: Sahand Dam is one of the big dams in the province and has 7,700 hectares of habitable land in Hashtrood. Over the past eleven years, 1,700 hectares of these lands have been considered. It was put into operation, but through a partnership initiative with the provincial and provincial agencies, we have funded thirty-eight and a half billion tomans per thousand kilometers of land, and now the project has achieved seventy-five percent physical progress and will be completed by early next year. Operation will arrive.

The purpose of completing the Sahand Dam is to transform the land into an agro-industrial complex

He said that the purpose of completing the Sahand Dam is to transform the land into a "complex of agriculture and industry."

In this regard, he said: Hashtrood agricultural area is often dryland cultivation and 80,000 hectares of wheat is cultivated annually, which is the first rank of wheat cultivation in the province; this type of cultivation high risk and sometimes frost or drought People are investing, so in order to stabilize agriculture in the city, we need to pay more attention to the Sahand Dam.

The governor of Hashtrood, emphasizing that one of our plans for the prosperity of the city's agricultural sector, is a greenhouse cultivation boom, adding that sixty-two greenhouses have been licensed so far and twenty-five greenhouses have been established.

He pointed out that in recent years rural development operations in Hashtrood were carried out solely through the Housing Foundation and through the implementation of conductor plans, but said that in recent years the government's willingness to pay attention to rural development has resulted in a significant amount of value added tax. This year, especially in the form of donations to the rural development sector, it will be used to fund rural development projects.

Evolution in the field of rural Hashtrood

He emphasized that in this year two and a half billion tomans for rural development has been implemented in the city, adding that this amount is very significant compared to the last five years and is a change in the field of rural development, because in five years For the whole of the villages of the city, which is two hundred and thirty-three villages, fifty million USD was spent from this place.

Hashtrood, the most populous city in the province

Aminian said that the predominant population of Hashtrood is rural, adding: Sixty-two percent of Hashtrood is rural; according to the 2016 census, the unemployment rate in the city was twenty-four and thirty-two, and the city has The province has the highest unemployment rate. Also, the city's population growth is equal to negative one and twenty-three, and immigrants are the most populous city in the province.

Regarding the cause of migration of the people of Hashtrood, he said: Dryland cultivation and lack of employment are the main causes of migration in this city, based on the change of cultivation pattern, production chain in agriculture and multifunctional cultivation to consider with Stopping people from migrating and creating jobs, as well as the production chain in the livestock and poultry and aquaculture sectors, have been other measures.

Ten percent of the province's mineral reserves are in Hashtrood

Referring to the capacities of Hashtrood County in the field of mines, he said: "This city has excellent capacities in the mining sector and so far sixty-eight mines have been identified in different areas in the Hashtrood County, with about 30 active mines."

The governor of Hashtrood said that in recent years raw materials were extracted from the mines and sold raw and had no added value and no employment for the city, adding: "With the policy we have recently taken and the governor is also following, setting up processing units We have started the minerals in the city.

In this regard, he continued: Investments in Qazdi Copper Mine have been made and in the coming days a 25% purity copper concentrate processing unit will be launched, in phase one for one hundred and fifty people directly and for three hundred and fifty. Fifty people indirectly create jobs; if all phases of this set are completed, it will have a major impact on the city's employment, economy and development.

Hashtrood city, the most valuable green marble mine in the country

He added that the most valuable green marble mine in the country is located in the Karimabad sector as well as the Nazar Karkizi area of ​​Hashtrood city, which is used in sanctuaries and even exported from Isfahan to Italy. We have absorbed the processing within the city. This is also in its infancy and we hope to launch a mine processing unit in the coming months.

Referring to other mineral resources of Hashtrood city such as gold mines, gypsum, etc., Aminyan said: 10 percent of the province's mineral reserves are in Hashtrood.

He added that Hashtrood has unique advantages in three areas of tourism, agriculture and mining, adding: There are numerous monuments in Hashtrood city that Zahak Fortress and Bayazid Bastami Monument are an example of.