One and two billion dollar mining sector plans ready to open

One and two billion dollar mining sector plans ready to open
  • 2020-03-02
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Deputy Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade: There are now three and a half billion dollars in plans to launch on the country's top officials, with one and a half billion dollars in mining and mining projects ready to open or in operation.

According to Iran's International Stone Exhibition, Khadadad Gharibpour recalled the launch of a $ 1.5 billion project this year, saying that about thirty-five percent of them are ready to be used and the rest are about to open.

Explore key policy in the mining sector

Reminding the key exploration policy in the mining sector, Imidro, the chief executive officer of the Iranian Mines and Minerals Renovation and Development Organization (IMIDRO), added: "Imidro is pursuing an exploration program while questioning the two hundred and fifty thousand square kilometers of industry. Mining and Commerce, Geological Survey and Mining Exploration, and other elements of the field, were exploration activities that increased to 400,000 square kilometers by the second half of the last year and now five hundred and six hundred and six hundred square kilometers.

"The remarkable thing is the presence of a consortium of private shareholders who, for the first time, has embarked on such a massive project, this basic program will provide a solid basis for providing raw materials and comprehensive development plans," he said.

Revitalize small scale mines on a continuous agenda

Stranger added: The issue of revitalizing the small scale mining mines is being followed up continuously by the company producing and producing Iran's mineral resources for this organization.

He said: According to this plan, so far the number of mines recovered exceeds one hundred and forty-five, which is a collective effort. One of the ways in which these mines are introduced is to ensure that the miners are part of the need for large corporations, thereby creating a multifaceted benefit for mines and, of course, occupation and income.

Mines boom backed by Investment Insurance Fund

Today, supporting small-scale private sector mines is on the agenda and role of the Mining Investment Insurance Fund, in addition to supporting them as their intrinsic duty, to support the activation of such mines. Implemented.

He noted that the institution has recently increased its financial strength by increasing its capital to three hundred and fifty billion tomans.

Increased steel production capacity on the South Coast

Gharibpour said about the plans being pursued by Imidro: Exploiting the development of the coasts is on the agenda, including increasing the capacity of tens of millions of tons of steel production in the new Gulf region and the Gulf region. Steel production on the Makran coast in Chabahar is a development of imidro programs implemented using private sector services.

According to the report, this year a plan to reach more than thirty-six million tonnes of steel is being pursued in the framework of the prospectus, with a projected horizon of fifty-five million tonnes.