Mineral kitchens are not closed

Mineral kitchens are not closed
  • 2020-03-01
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The head of the Iranian Mines House pointed out that most of the work areas of the mining sector are located in the mountainous areas, emphasizing: Safe access to the mines should prevent the spread and spread of the virus, while creating a healthy atmosphere for the restaurants and the nutritional affairs of these mines. Is.

According to Iran's Stone Exhibition, Mohammad Reza Bahraman commented on the impact of the coronavirus on the country's mining and mineral exports, saying that as this had a negative impact on China's economy and made exports and imports difficult, The outbreak will also affect the economy and export of our country, although its signs are also evident in the markets and businesses.

The head of the Iranian Mine House emphasized that besides the negative effects on the economy, the corona virus has created a certain psychological aspect in the country. And companies have struggled with the payments they have to make and money transfers. Of course, this is in a situation where Iran and many of its mineral producers are on the sanctions list, so we cannot easily make money transfers.

Bahramman added: "Given the problems that exist in the workplace, managing the current situation is very important because if not managed well, it can have undesirable effects that will be irreparable." Managers in the current situation must be prepared to prevent the virus from infiltrating workplaces by securing space for safety and health. Also, given that the mining environments are located in mountainous areas, careful consideration should be given to feeding these environments. This is one of the important factors in this sector and the restaurants and kitchens cannot be closed because of the high working hours; otherwise, the workers will have problems.

The head of the Iranian Mining House emphasized: In the current situation, large units have encountered this problem, because the workers must be fully careful in providing food and raw materials. These issues have made managerial discussions out of the ordinary and critical. These are some of the things that are not so obvious but fully understood by the professional community. The trustees are expected to be associated with the mining and working environments during this time period.