Key to mining growth in legislator's hands

Key to mining growth in legislator's hands
  • 2020-02-15
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Secretary of Iranian Stone Association: In the past, unfortunately, the Law on Mines and its Implementing Regulations have not been operationalized by the Department of Mining in the Ministry of Mines.

According to the International Stone Exhibition of Iran, the role of the Majlis and in particular the Commission on Mines and Industries in the development of the mining sector is unknown to anyone. MPs can become aware of the problems of the mining sector and come up with solutions for dealing with the various sectors and raising awareness of the concerns of the miners. In this report, in the light of the eleventh Majlis elections to be held on Friday, March 2, the newspaper Samat examines the impact of parliamentary elections and mines and examines the importance of parliament for mining activists.

Requires undergraduate approvals

Reza Alizadeh, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Industries and Mines of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, said that the role of parliament in mining is very important, pointing out the legal vacancies and actions taken by the parliament in the mining sector and said that the deputies play an important role in filling these gaps. And they should be with the miners.

A member of the Committee on Industries and Mines of the 10th Majlis Majlis mentioned by example: In the sixth plan law was discussed about the formation of mines council in the provinces because its adoption could play an important role in resolving various mining issues and protecting miners and would pave the way for many problems. .

Alizadeh also pointed to the importance of avoiding crude and the role of parliament in resolving it: The parliament can propose solutions and incentives for miners to convert raw materials into finished products.

He said: The country's big policy is to deal with crude as much as possible, but on the other hand, there should be strategies and incentives for the miners, and to open up ways to prevent crude from leading to the closure of the country's mines. We should not bring this mines policy to a dead end.

The MP emphasized: "We need proper and expert approvals to tackle crude and at the same time support the miner so that both the crude and the mines are not shut down."

He emphasized: "The parliament, in cooperation with the ministry, the unions and the chamber of commerce, has been conducting research and is still pursuing it."

Alizadeh emphasized that the parliament is obliged to pave the way for the prosperity of mines and the proper activity of the miners, stating: "There are many obstacles in the field of mining that the Mines and Industries Commission and the Mining Committee must address." Miners must be given information by the miners so that they can properly investigate the issues and eliminate vacuous rules and regulations.

A member of the Parliament's Committee on Industries and Mines said at the end that facilitating the work of miners and reducing the bureaucratic process are among the issues the parliament is focusing on. Of course, if the miners work more enthusiastically and work with the deputies, the parliament would be better off.

Listen to the heartache of the minerals

Ahmad Sharifi, secretary of the Iranian Stone Association, said that the key to mining growth is in the hands of the legislator. "It is true that when a law is passed and given to the miner, it may not be implemented, but parliament and MPs still play a key role.

The secretary of the Iranian Stone Association criticized the policies implemented in the mining sector in the past, saying: "Unfortunately, the mines law and its executive regulation have not been operationalized by the Mining Department in the ministry, so if anyone wants to enter parliament today, Must be at least a specialist in the mining and mining industries.

Sharifi said he expects MEPs to enter the parliament, and in particular members of the Mines and Industries Commission should work to develop the mining and mining industries. We expect to amend some of the rules and incorporate them into the budget rules.

He emphasized: Since mining is an important part of the country's economy, it can export and trade, create jobs and serve the economy, so parliament has an important place to choose from next week. Special attention should be paid to the mining sector.

Asked what is the biggest concern of the mining sector regarding parliament today, the secretary of the Iranian Stone Association said: "The biggest concern is for the representatives of the Mines and Industries Commission to listen to the pain of the board and the mining sector.

Sharifi continued: They must hear the bachelor's degree from the associations and be in constant communication with the bachelor. Organizations like the Rock Association, the Copper, the Mining House, etc. are free experts at the Majlis, and the Majlis should benefit from this. He stressed: "Whenever the delegates will, they are at their disposal to help make expert decisions."