The "finder" needs major surgery

The "finder" needs major surgery
  • 2020-02-12
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Rahim Benamulaei: Unfortunately, inaccurate information in the Ministry of Industry's optimization system has caused braking and rising commodity prices, and this system needs major surgery.

According to Iran's International Stone Exhibition, Rahim Benamolaii, member of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, said: "The Ministry of Industry's" Behinab "system has failed to improve the process of small and medium-sized businesses and continue to empower people through this system. High finance makes it easier for manufacturing firms to buy raw materials and sells raw materials to SMEs at a higher market price, leading to disruptions and rising rates, and downstream manufacturers and traders face many problems. has done.

The producer added: "Manufacturers need to be genuinely supported, and from that perspective, there should be a major shift in the" pricing "approach; if the intermediate and higher-priced raw materials are injected into the production cycle, it is" "Despite the decline in surveillance and the trust of administrators in only one system, it increases consumer dissatisfaction.

Benamolai continued to criticize the Behinyab site, stating: "This system information is outdated by the Ministry of Industry and needs to be updated and updated; If commodity information is updated in each province, then the capacity of the factories will be determined.

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the information and data in this system are registered under the Establishment License and one of the reasons that per capita consumption and production cannot be extracted is the false data; Update, we need to extract per capita consumption in each field in a specialized manner, and then measure production and import rates.

The head of the Alborz Chamber of Commerce continued: "If production is more than per capita consumption, there should be space for marketing and export, and if production is less than consumption, we must direct new investments in this way to prevent imports and to achieve this. It is imperative that the Ministry of Industry establishes a unit as a unit of "capital management" with the help of the private sector, the chamber of commerce and associations in order to assess the actual per capita daily consumption, and thus to assess the per capita production capacity and surplus it. Export.

Bana Mawlai emphasized at the end: "Ministry of Industry officials should take due diligence on sanctions and plan based on a realistic analysis of the situation, which requires monitoring and updating information."

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