The value of the country's mines is twenty-two billion dollars

The value of the country's mines is twenty-two billion dollars
  • 2020-02-12
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Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce: The total value of the country's mines and minerals is twenty-two billion dollars.

Reza Rahmani on Wednesday at the inauguration ceremony of Gold Bullion in Khorasan Razavi added: "There are more than sixty types of minerals in the country and the state of the mines is very favorable, but our discoveries so far It has only been at the surface and has been less in-depth, while in-depth exploration drives the country to greater capacity in the mine.

He said that every unit that is being opened is a tactic in the economic sphere: This year we have witnessed the implementation of this tactic and exploitation of various industrial projects throughout the country.

He said that in the Fajr decade of this year, fifty billion tomans of industrial project was put into operation in the country, while the project of producing aluminum in the south of the country is still in operation and this project alone has invested fifteen billion tomans.

Rahmani added: "We will soon launch an industrial project to produce rare earth elements in Alborz province, which is rare and limited in the world." Also large mining projects such as Sangan Khawaf steel projects in Khorasan Razavi, which is one of the major mining industries in the country.

He said that the steel industry is currently developing in the country of petrochemical industries: This year seven strategic axes for the development of industries, mines and commerce were defined, part of which was related to mines and minerals and in this regard seventy and Three missions and objectives were defined in the field of mines, including specific projects in the field of copper.

"Government revenues have fallen sharply, so mines are the best alternative to oil to boost government revenues," he said.

Rahmani added: Strengthening the value chain of basic metals, modernization of mines and many other programs are among our priorities for the development of mines and mining industries this year.

He continued: "With government revenue falling, our strategy is to use public funds, so investment in this area has increased substantially so we have $ 3 billion and $ 300 million in the Imidro project ready to open this year."

He said: Self-sufficiency in production is part of this year's plans and in this regard we have succeeded in establishing an electrode production plant in the country and importing its equipment.

The Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce said that sanctions were tightened in production this year, adding that the new conditions seemed to be in trouble, but that created opportunities and created a mineral revolution in the field of mining and exploration.

The CEO of Bardsun Gold Bullion Factory also said: Twenty-four grade gold bullion with ninety-nine grades and a fixed investment of one hundred and twenty billion tomans were used today in the city.

Mohsen Khorsand added: The production capacity of the factory is 200 and 20 kg per year and it has created employment for one hundred and eighty people.