The top of the sanctions is Iran's foreign trade

The top of the sanctions is Iran's foreign trade
  • 2020-02-10
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Head of WTO: Sanctions have always been at the forefront of Iran's foreign trade and business processes, as exports and imports have always been a vital vein of trade, and especially in the current environment, foreign exchange revival circulation.

According to Iran's International Stone Exhibition, Hamid Zadbom said during the unveiling of the first phase of the Trade Guide application: "The sanctions have always been on the foreign trade and business processes of Iran, because exports and imports have always been a vital vessel of trade, especially under conditions. The current one is the revival of foreign exchange.

He said that this year we managed to have the most strategic reserves and essential commodities to regulate the country's market. He said that based on the policies of the Resistance economy, it has strongly promoted the export development program and non-oil exports in the form of programs and support. We have put ourselves.

The head of the trade development organization noted that the trade development organization considers production as a key driver of the country's comprehensive development, as moving forward will increase the country's exports. Also, to maximize export, we focus on promotion programs based on priorities, and move to reform the structure to achieve export programs.

Zadbom pointed out that we have recently released a style sheet for export incentives, part of which is Rial Facility, stating that the package is to be provided by the National Development Fund for 2,000 billion tomans to the banking system. In this regard, it will also sign contracts with operating banks.

He added: The other part of this support package includes grants to support the development of non-oil exports and to provide resources as incentives through the WTO, which is also being pursued.

Distribute any amount of resources allocated to the Majlis in the form of a budget law approved by the Planning and Budgeting Organization, so we can execute the same amount of support package as the Planning and Budget Organization. It gives us funding. However, this package has parts that may not all work.

He said that the ten-month foreign trade figures for this year show exports of $ 35.55 billion. He added: "This figure has grown by 20 percent by weight and by three percent in value, due to the decline." Export base rates. Also, the country's imports amounted to thirty-six billion and one hundred million dollars.

Zadbaum said at the end that although it was slightly negative in ten months, it was positive in nine months, but given that the weight of exports has increased, given the facts of non-oil exports, exports have increased.

According to the report, Abbas Khaleghi-e-Tabriz at the unveiling ceremony of the Business Guide app pointed out the capabilities of the app: In this software, the needs of businessmen were considered and we tried to see the latest rules and regulations, training and directives.
"Documents are also shared and there are twelve features included," he said, adding that continuous improvement, easy installation, and effective sharing are among the features of the app. An interactive portal for business executives and businessmen will be unveiled soon and by the end of the year.

General Director of Business Services Office of Trade Promotion continued: Trade fairs, trade delegations, export commodities, export statistics, export markets, regulations and directives, trade news, chambers of commerce, consultants and representatives of the full range of commercial, border and border markets, Businesses training and export standards are among the sections designed in this app.

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