Imports of $ 300 billion over six years

Imports of $ 300 billion over six years
  • 2020-02-09
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One economic expert criticized the lack of infrastructure for production, saying that with economic pressures and heavy taxes on producers, producers in our country have become poor people.

According to Iran's International Stone Exhibition, Ibrahim Razaghi said that in developed countries, progressive taxation of non-productive activities is achieved, saying that according to the capitalists do not invest their money in non-productive activities and money is directed towards production.

In the US, homeowners are subject to 80% tax, so unlike Iran, no one puts their money into home buying and selling transactions, the economist said.

Emphasizing taxation on vacant houses, he said, investors will not buy in hopes of raising prices.

* Taxation of activities that generate higher profits than production

"That's why capital is turned into bank deposits and deposited in banks to make more money, given the 40 percent inflation and 15 percent deposit interest," the economist said. Purchasing power also declines for some time.

He said taxation of all activities that generate higher profits could move capital toward production.

Rasaghi said banks should cooperate and receive only compensation from producers in exchange for granting facilities to the producers in order to boost production and not to profit more from recipients.

* With the $ 300 billion spent on imports, it was possible to create 15 to 30 million jobs

Criticizing the lack of production infrastructure in the country, he said: "The producer in our country has become a poor person and with tax pressures, he is being turned away from production activities."

"In the past six years, domestic production has suffered enormously, some production units have been shut down, and even in products such as wheat that we have reached self-sufficiency, we have become importers again with false anti-production policies," said Rasaghi. We have imported three million tons of this product.

"Since the beginning of the Rouhani government, $ 300 billion has been imported into the country, with 15 to 30 million jobs to be created," the economist said.

He pointed to the amount of imports since the presidency of Hashemi Rafsanjani and said: "Since then we have imported $ 1.55 billion, while it should have created sixty to seventy-five million jobs in the country."

Rasaghi said Iran's biggest enemies are those who provide import conditions instead of providing production infrastructure.

* Fars