Establishment of Nine Seventy Iranian Companies in Turkey

Establishment of Nine Seventy Iranian Companies in Turkey
  • 2020-02-09
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The director of the Iran-Turkey Studies and Research Center says that Iranian investors have registered about ninety-seven new companies in Turkey in the past year.

According to Iran's International Stone Exhibition, Seyyed Jalal Ebrahimi stated: According to the recorded statistics, Iranians are among the main investors imported into Turkey in year 2. This year, approximately 12,600 new foreign companies are registered in Turkey, about one-twelfth of which are Iranian.

During this period, he said, investors from Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq were other countries in the region that had increased their presence in Turkey, but in terms of investment, the Germans were the main Turkish investors in year 2.

The director of Iran-Turkey Studies and Research Center stated that in the last year alone there were 8,800 joint ventures between Turkish and other investors in Istanbul, adding: Antalya and Ankara are in the next stages and the main investment areas IT, manufacturing and industrial units have been cooperative with Turkish parties. Volkswagen was one of Turkey's top foreign investors last year, with an investment of 300 million euros.

Ebrahimi also said about how Iranian investors enter the Turkish market: Iranian companies are firstly renting an office and then buying temporary, permanent residences, and can also pay $ 200,000.

He added: "Turkey has made it possible to establish a home company so new investors can rent a business or buy a home and start a business in Turkey."

According to ISNA reports, Turkey has been identified as one of the main targets of Iranian capital, according to reports released in recent years as the amount of Iranian investment in the United Arab Emirates declines.