The development of the stone industry goes beyond the organizational path

The development of the stone industry goes beyond the organizational path
  • 2020-02-08
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Head of Iran Stone Association: Today's stone industry has little to do with Italy's, China's, and India's stone industries, of course, because of Iran's backward sanctions.

According to the International Stone Exhibition of Iran, a meeting of the province's stone industry activists was held under the auspices of the 16th International Exhibition of Stones, Mines and Related Industries hosted by the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce.

Creating thousands of jobs

Seyyed Hassan Ghazi Asgar, Deputy Coordinator of Economic Affairs and Development of Isfahan Governor's Office stated at the meeting: Decorative stones have been one of the priorities of the province and we are trying to evaluate all aspects of projects in this province like textile industry and enjoy its added value. Let's go. The goal is also to promote employment, value-added production and wealth production.

He added: "The key problem is the lack of the necessary structure and a capable organization to plan and direct this complex right in the province, so we expect the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture to help the industry grow by creating this structure." .

Deputy Governor of Economic Affairs of the Governor of Isfahan continued: To develop this industry the capacity of provincial universities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Iranian embassies in other countries should be used properly.

He noted that the growth and development of the stone industry could create thousands of jobs if organized, which could guide its thinking room.

Judge Asgar said that the Eurasian region should be recognized as an opportunity and act in its direction, saying that Eurasia along with Oman and Qatar could be considered as a platform for Iran's export leap. In this regard, it must be in such a way that synergy is created.

Tool for economic prosperity

Ali Yarmohammadian, Managing Director of the International Exhibition of Isfahan Province, also pointed out the importance of the exhibition for the country's economy by launching the new International Exhibition in Isfahan next year. It has been written for five years, and plans have been made for up to three years so that external audiences, activists, and visitors can plan better.

He added: "The exhibition was also given to the private sector and as a result, the quality of their exhibitions was increased. In addition, one of the ways of developing exhibitions is the presence of foreign companies, but due to the sanctions, the presence of foreign countries has decreased. Therefore, despite the common rooms, the Chamber of Commerce is required to facilitate the presence of these companies in the Isfahan Exhibition.

The director of Isfahan International Exhibition Company said: Given that there are four industrial towns in the province, it is necessary to create more unity between them and be more coherent in the exhibition.

He added: Given that the presence of mines in the exhibition is also slight, the Chamber of Commerce can highlight the presence of this section in the exhibition by activating the relevant associations.

Yarmohammadian pointed out: It seems that the exhibition center should also be in line with processing machines and since many of these machines are produced in Isfahan province, it is better to form a consortium in this field and its activists to have a more coherent presence in the exhibition; The exhibition is a tool for economic prosperity and non-oil exports, especially the stone industry.

"Unfortunately, many students and graduates of chemistry are unemployed, simply because there is no thought and no program, and good communication with the centers," he said. Research, universities and students have not been established.

Establishment of Stone Exhibition in Isfahan

At the opening of the meeting, Mahmoud Bandarchi, host of the 16th Exhibition of Stone, Mines and Related Industries, said that the entire supply chain of the stone industry in Isfahan exists. Originally this exhibition aims to present and introduce the capabilities and capacities of the stone industry.

He noted: Exhibitions held so far in this field, not even 5% of the capacity of the Isfahan stone industry.

Few countries in the world

"Today's stone industry has little to do with Italy's, China's and India's stone industries, of course, because of Iran's backwardness in sanctions," said the head of the Iranian Stone Association at a meeting of the Decorative Stones Committee at the Isfahan Chamber of Commerce.

Reza Ahmadi stated that Iran has only one and a half percent of the world's share in the stone sector despite all the possibilities.

"Targeting about five or ten percent of the global stone industry is a big goal, but it should be noted that it can be used better than other industries, such as steel," he said.

Speaking about the high cost of participating in foreign exhibitions for Iranians, the head of the Iranian Stone Association said: "It is better to hold international exhibitions internationally and to bring visitors to the country, thus preventing foreign currency from leaving the country."

He pointed out: Isfahan's current exhibition, located on the city bridge, has only 4,000 square meters of space, which is not enough for the stone industry exhibition, so for the past few years we have had to separate some related industries, such as machinery, from the industry. It is not an exhibition space, he said, and there is no room for stone industry activists.

It is worth mentioning that the 16th International Exhibition of Stone, Mines and Industries will be held at Isfahan International Exhibition Center on June 20-26.