The country's commercial environment needs news of global understanding

Chairman of the Iran-UAE Joint Chamber of Commerce: It is necessary to pay attention to the balance in the development of political relations, so that economic development occurs in all dimensions of the West and East and we do not have to spend more than the people, resulting in economic recession will not be. These are the expectations that come from the government and we hope that a rational policy will be adopted.

What are Iran's blocked resources in Korea and Japan? / Possibility of importing equipment and machinery

Iran's blocked resources, which are likely to be released with a 90-day extension of the sanctions waiver, are estimated at about $ 25 billion, according to some informed sources.

2,789 production units owned by 16 banks

Deputy Head of Production Facilitation and Elimination of Barriers to Production: According to the announcement of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance, 2,789 production units were acquired by 16 banks by the end of December last year.

Law on interest-free banking 39 years without amendment

Former Governor of the Central Bank: The rules and regulations in the banking system have not been implemented properly, the supervision department of banks should be changed and adapted to the current conditions.

We are pursuing non-oil exports of $ 250 billion

Deputy Minister of Industry for Trade: One of the necessities of the country's economy is the development of non-oil exports and having a productive economy, and this is at the top of the country's activities.

Iranian banking officials emphasize the definitive lifting of banking sanctions and the receipt of guarantees during the negotiations

"Central Bank of Iran officials are directly involved in negotiations to lift banking sanctions to ensure that they are real and tangible," Bloomberg reported.

The main problem of foreign trade in the country is the conflict of interests

Economist: Conflict of interest is the main reason for this lack of planning. In other countries, they start planning at the beginning of the year and determine the amount of production and consumption. In the end, the amount of deficits is provided through imports, but this export pattern does not exist in our country.

17 main destinations for the export of Iranian goods

The head of the Trade Development Organization says that a meeting between exporters and economic activists and the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade will soon review the country's top export priorities.

The first action of the next government should be to reduce the exchange rate to 10 thousand tomans

The main cause of inflation in Iran is cost pressure, which is mainly caused by rising exchange rates, rising trading costs and, as a result, rising production costs. Therefore, the proposed solution is to target both inflation and exchange rates. To do this, we must target the real exchange rate, and of course inflation targeting does not have the same pattern anywhere.

The new Czech law makes the business environment healthy and transparent

The head of the Iranian Chamber of Cooperation, referring to the noticeable reduction of returned checks, said: The new law on checks makes the business environment healthy and transparent.

Announcement of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade in line with the orders of the Supreme Leader

The Supreme Leader (may God bless him and grant him peace) on 12 May this year, in a decisive and valuable statement, stated, "They have been invalidated and forbidden, and this is a betrayal of the people and the workers, and the independence and the economy of the country, and a blow to national production."

The declining trend of the exchange rate and the strengthening of the value of the national currency are important demands of the people

Governor of the Central Bank: The declining exchange rate and strengthening the value of the national currency is an important demand of the people, the possibility of lifting sanctions and freeing the resources of the central bank, create positive expectations in the foreign exchange market and reduce the exchange rate in this market is reasonable.

The United States is ready to lift sanctions on Iran

EU Economic Advisor: Most of Iran's deposits are in Russia, which came to Tehran during the time of Mr. Bahmani, Deputy Governor of the Russian Central Bank, and Iran transferred more than $ 31 billion of its deposits to Russia and received rubles in return, a strange move This alone reduced the value of deposits by 40%.

Last year, 139 mining industrial units were revived in Fars

The Director General of the Investment Attraction and Support Office of Fars Governorate announced the return of 93 inactive and stagnant industrial units to the production cycle with 3 direct jobs and 4 mining units last year and stated: Last year, a total of 4 industrial and mining units with 3 job opportunities Was revived.

Iran is one of the five countries that has not yet resolved the issue of inflation

Why haven't we solved the problem of inflation after 40 years? In response to this important question, university professor Vahid Shaghaghi says significant things about the roots of inflation and its margins. What group are inflation businessmen?

2000 inactive units will be recovered

The Deputy Minister of Planning and Planning of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, while introducing some driving industries to focus more on them, promised that 2000 stagnant industrial units will return to the production cycle this year.

Parliament's neglect of monitoring the proper implementation of production laws

Member of the Board of the House of Industry, Mines and Commerce of Iran: We have good laws in the field of production protection, but the oversight of the parliament on the proper implementation of laws is also very important, which can be said to have been largely neglected.

Significant ambiguity in the return of Iranian money from Iraq

A member of the board of representatives of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce says that until the government clearly determines how the money blocked in Iraq will return to the country, it is not possible to comment definitively on its positive effects.

Which exporters are not subject to tax exemption?

President of the Export Confederation of Iran: Exporters who have not fulfilled their foreign exchange obligation in 1397 will not be subject to tax exemption.

The country's foreign exchange reserves fell sharply

Chairman of the Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce: Both the impact of domestic and foreign policy on the economy should be minimized. We have to solve for ourselves once and for all that if the first priority of the country is the economy, all our behaviors should be in a way that improves the living conditions of the people and the economy.

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