Construction of the six thousand-meter-long stone exhibit in Iran

The construction of the six thousand-meter-high stone nest of the Iranian Stone Exhibition began with the help of engineers and empowered youth in Mahaleh and Nimar.

Operation of the second exhibition nest before October

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Iran International Stone Exhibition: One of the most important steps to be taken for the 10th Exhibition is to build a new nest and increase the indoor area of the Exhibition. do.

One hundred merchants in Iran stone exhibition

Managing Director of Iran International Stone Exhibition: The presence of the miners and their extracted stones in this year's exhibition will be higher than in previous years and we expect 400 mines to be present this year. We have also invited one hundred international businessmen to attend the exhibition.

Stone Exhibition is the best place to exchange information

Member of Processing and Technology Committee of Iranian Stone Association: Facilities such as hotel, airport and transportation system must be created alongside this exhibition, so the Iranian Stone Exhibition can accommodate all exhibitions.

The report of Iran's stone exhibition is acceptable

Chairman of Takht Danial Company: In my opinion, Iran Stone Exhibition has been able to produce a good reputation over the past nine years.

Iran's stone industry needs more convergence

Governor of Central Minerals Association: Honorable Minister of Mining and Commerce's decision to consolidate stone exhibitions in Nimar area is of utmost importance. Is.

Mohammad Sayed Abadi criticizes paperwork in the country

Sayed Abadi Stone Group CEO: Today, the artisanal export of the stone or the importation of machinery is as much an artifact as it is a predator.

Unveiling of Cordis Abbas Kiarostami

Top Sculptor of the Country: I think after all this long and lazy time, friends are not the right time to unveil this penis, and I intend to unveil this penis in coordination with the late Kiarostami's family.

Iran Stone Exhibition Preparation for the Installation of Saris Abbas Kiarostami

Managing Director of Iran International Stone Exhibition: Iranian stone industry activists pay special tribute to all artists in the country and we are ready to install this sardine at Iran International Stone Exhibition.

With the permission of the Iranian Trade Organization, the Iran Stone Exhibition was internationalized

Head of Mahalat City Industry, Mine and Commerce Department: Upon obtaining special privileges and qualifications, Mahalat Stone Fair was promoted to International Fair.

Together with the Tenth Exhibition; International Calligraphy Competition on Stone

At the same time as the tenth International Stone Exhibition of Iran, Yekta Stone Exhibition Company in cooperation with Imam Jomeh Mahalat and Jomeh Shahnimar, representative of the people of Nimar Mahal and Delijan in the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Mahalat Islamic Culture and Guidance Department, Governorate and Industry Bureau Neighborhoods, Mines and Commerce City of Neighborhoods, Mayor and City Council hold an international calligraphy contest on the subject of stone.

Decorative stone mines to the private sector

Managing Director of Iran International Stone Exhibition: Government should provide conditions for mining to be privatized. The government should disclose the terms of the transfer under the law, for example, if someone discovered a mine and worked on it for three or five years, the mine would be left to him, and the government would receive the money from the miner in multi-year installments.

The indoor exhibition space will be twelve thousand meters

Chairman of the International Stone Exhibition Iran Stone: We plan to build 8,000 meters of new niches in the exhibition. Preparations for this nest have been made and the construction process will begin soon.

Construction of 8,000 meters of new niches in Iran stone exhibition

Managing Director of Iran International Stone Exhibition: To hold the 10th International Iranian Stone Exhibition, we intend to add a new nave with an area of 8,000 meters, which will begin in the coming days.

Awarded the prizes of the International Artistic Cultural Competition on the subject of stone

In parallel with the closing ceremony of the 9th Iran International Stone Exhibition, the award ceremony of the International Cartoon Art Competition, photographs, short stories and calligraphy on the subject of stone was held. Hura Kohsal, Armin Tousheh and Mohammad Ali Adili won first and third places respectively.

Gather the country rock exhibitions

"We urge the Minister of Mines and Commerce to provide the necessary assistance in gathering the country's stone fairs at the Neymour City Stone Exhibition," said a representative of the Mahalat and Delijan city council.

Opening of the 9th Iran International Stone Exhibition

The 9th International Stone Exhibition of Iran opened with the participation of the Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce in Mahallat.

Attendance of Professor Hassanzadeh at Iran Stone Exhibition

Head of Sangestan Company: This year, according to the plans, Professor Reza Hassanzadeh will be present at the 9th International Stone Exhibition of Iran held in the localities and the head of one of Iran's most famous celebrities will be shaved in four days.

Twelve percent of the world's stone production in Mahallat

Governor of Mahallat City: Twelve percent of the world's stone is produced in the neighborhood and two percent of the world's travertine is also produced in the city.

Formation of stone export consortiums to enter world markets

Managing Director of Industrial Estates Company of Markazi Province: We need to gain our share of global markets and enter global markets by forming export consortia.

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