Manufacturers worry about central bank currency decisions

Although the central bank's foreign exchange decisions have regulated many of the processes in the foreign exchange market over the past year and a half, it has caused distrust to producers, importers and exporters.

Allocation of sixty thousand plots of land for national housing

The deputy director of urban housing of the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution announced that he had received 60,000 plots of land from the National Land and Housing Organization for the national action plan.

Making money that doesn't turn into production!

Chairman of the Monetary and Banking Committee of the Economic Commission of the Majlis: Private banks have become a machine for creating liquidity.

Issuance of license for the first mineral tourism complex in the country

Director General of Cultural Heritage of Zanjan Province: Mineral tourism is a new category in the tourism industry and the creation of this tourism will have a significant impact on the economy and increase the longevity of tourists in this province.

Closing 30% of second grade mines

Member of the Mining and Mining Industries Commission of Arak Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines: The price of spare parts for machines has increased by more than 300 percent, and even if it is possible to supply parts, the desired part will reach the customer one month after order It will shut down the mine.

Lack of productivity of the country's economy from productivity

Development is a process that leads to human domination of the surrounding nature, and for this domination there is a need to know the surrounding environment, so science, research and research is the main and fundamental element in better use of tools to strengthen this mastery.

Mining Insurance Fund Development Programs

Mining Investment Insurance Fund Managing Director: Mining Investment Insurance Fund provides a platform for companies, mines and small-scale mining industries that operate in the field of processing and extraction and have transparent audited financial statements to be able to publish from the capital market. Have bonds, bonds and self-financing bonds.

Obstacles to Fars Mines in the Path of Production Mutations

The Supreme Leader of the Revolution called this year the year of the leap of production, and the realization of this slogan certainly requires the requirements and capacities that all sets must provide;

Mineral discourse with new topics

Head of Iran's Mining House: Today, in the conditions of the recession in the world, the best opportunity has been created to invest in mines, because I believe that this recession will not last.

Release and transfer of thirty exploration areas

Head of Mining and Mineral Exploration Organization: This year we plan to release and transfer 30 exploration areas, which will soon be listed by the Ministry of Industry, Mines and the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Mining Industries and Mining Industries. We trade.

Establishment of Hepco Transfer Committee to Imidro

In a special meeting held on the 2nd of June with the presence of the head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, it was decided that in addition to forming the Hepco to Imidro Transfer Committee, Government to be sent.

Congratulatory message from the head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade on the occasion of Mining Day

In a message, the head of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade congratulated the miners and all the miners and activists in the field of mineral production on the first of June.

The need for private sector mining

Governor of Fars: It is expected that government and semi-government agencies in the mining sector will play a greater role of policymakers and guides than the executor, and if they have the opportunity to do so, they will leave it to the private sector.

Supporting investment in stone processing

The Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, noting that decorative stones are of great importance, said: "We support any investment in the processing of such stones."

The role of mining in sustainable development and national production

In a message on the occasion of Mining Day, the CEO of the Mining Investment Insurance Fund stressed the need to pay attention to the role of mining in sustainable development and national production and stated: Now is the time to promote the mining sector in GDP Achieve in the country's economy.

Planning for the restoration of 200 small-scale mines

Imidro CEO: This year's plan is to revive and activate two hundred new small-scale mines. In addition to supporting the project, Imidro is seriously pursuing the development of exploration and mining infrastructure.

Increase of nine hundred and fifty-nine million tons of mineral reserves in Fars province

Head of Fars Province Industry Organization: According to the plans made last year, the definite mineral reserves in Fars province have reached nine hundred and fifty-nine million tons.

Show a factory owner that he has new facilities!

Head of Iran's Chamber of Industry, Mines and Commerce: Show me a factory owner who has received new government facilities, the government has taken no action to provide cheap facilities to production units damaged by Corona.

How much will Corona reduce Iran's exports?

The head of the Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce says that, as the performance of the world economy has shown in recent months, under the influence of the Coronavirus outbreak, the decline in world trade and, consequently, Iran's trade will be certain.

Mining in the priority of paying bank facilities

Following the guidelines for lowering bank interest rates and forcing banks to do so, deposits are expected to be withdrawn from banks, but the CEO of the Bank of Industry and Mines said that this has not yet happened and that liquidity may have flowed into the bank but not out. Also, according to the bank manager, the first policy this year is to pay working capital facilities to production units, and value-added projects in the mining sector are the first priority in obtaining facilities.

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